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January 7, 2020

What sets APQS apart from other manufacturers is that we offer quilters more than simply a quilting machine. We’re a welcoming group of fun-loving quilters who are dedicated to producing longarm machines and providing ongoing education and support that help our customers become better quilters.

A prime example of this philosophy is the APQS blog. Readers from around the world read our articles every week to learn about new longarm techniques, become inspired by other quilter’s work and share the love of quilting. The seven articles below are the ones that received the most visits in 2019. For good reason! From easy-to-follow tutorials to actionable tips, it’s no surprise you’ve found them useful!

Bookmark the articles, and start quilting!

Quick Quilt Top series

Quick Top Series Final Winning Quilt

Our quick quilt top series was all about giving YOU the power. Over the span of four articles we took you through the process of creating a fast and easy quilt top and then quilting it. Readers had the chance to vote for their favorite layouts and designs and in the final article we gave the finished quilt away to our lucky winner – Brenda Ivey Shaffer.

Checkout the series here:

Quick tops for quick quilts

Quick quilt tops: vote for your favorite layout

Quick Quilt Tops – Help us choose a design

Quick Quilt Tops – win our finished quilt!

Free quilt pattern: Star-Crossed Table Runner

Star Crossed Design Detail

Have you struggled finding a table runner for your round table? Customer Service and Education Director Dawn Cavanaugh pieced the perfectly versatile runner and she’s handed over the details, for FREE! Get the free pattern …happy quilting!

How to square up a quilt for binding

How to Square Up a Quilt for Binding

When the quilting’s done and the binding is all that remains, the finish line is in sight. What an awesome feeling! Before you head down the home stretch, take some time to “square up” the quilt and your quilt will look even more spectacular. Read our tips!

Free quilt pattern: Triple Star

APQS Dealer Julia Graves of Special Occasion Quilts created the “Triple Stars” pattern, a donation quilt she designed for an organization called “Joshua’s Hands.” The nonprofit organization makes quilts for Valiant Warriors (American Soldiers wounded in combat.) Julia has graciously shared her pattern with us! See pattern.

Rule Your Quilt: Garden trellis border designs with rulers

Trellis Border Design Quilt Example

A great border design motif that will frame out the curves of floral fabrics is one that is highly structured and reminiscent of a lovely garden trellis. There are a variety of straight line designs from simple to complex that are easy to accomplish using rulers designed for machine quilting. Learn more…

How do I wash a quilt?

How to wash a quilt with Shout Color Catcher of Carbona Color Grabber

A quilt’s condition determines whether you can launder it safely. A well-quilted, recently made quilt should be machine washable and dryable. However, if the quilting lines are very far apart, or the piecing seams appear inconsistent, the quilt may not withstand even the gentle cycle. Keep reading…

Free quilt pattern: Snowflake table runner

Free quilt pattern: Snowflake table runner

APQS Dealer Brenda Shreve of Red Barn Quilting shares this adorable “Snowflake Table Runner.” (Pssst…it’s perfect for hiding wood stains or other things you’d rather not have people see!) Download pattern.