Rule your Quilt

September 12, 2023
Quilting with rulers collection
Add flawless detail to your next quilt by using rulers! Check out the blog posts we've rounded up to help you embark on your ruler work journey.
December 27, 2022
Our most popular blog articles of 2022
These are the quilting articles our readers have come back to again and again. Check out APQS' most popular blog posts of 2022.
July 12, 2022
Things to consider before purchasing longarm quilting rulers
Follow along with APQS Dealer and Educator Lauren Jackson of Bold Notion Quilting as she shares her tips about quilting with rulers. This is a great resource to make sure your tools are versatile and ready to grow with you!
June 14, 2022
Video Tutorial: Hex border with rulers
Ruler work can be fun! Follow along with APQS Dealer and Educator Lauren Jackson as she shows us how to ripple a hexagon filler that...
April 12, 2022
Video Tutorial: How to use rulers to stitch a Wide Arch border
Follow along with APQS Dealer & Educator Lauren Jackson of Bold Notion Quilting as she uses rulers to design, divide and stitch a wide Arch Border, using minimal markings.
January 23, 2020
Rule Your Quilt: Building borders with simple arcs
Take your quilts to the next level with a simple arc ruler! APQS Educator and Dealer, Angela Huffman shows us how to use this longarm friendly ruler to create five different border designs.
October 1, 2019
Rule your Quilt: Branching off from traditional crosshatching
Crosshatching is no longer the traditional quilting technique of yesteryear. A few slight adjustments and additions to the design can elevate this basic design and your quilts!
July 30, 2019
Rule your Quilt: Round and Round with Circle Designs
There is something about curves and circles in quilting that makes my heart sing. The eye is drawn to the symmetry and medallion quilts are especially well suited to quilted circle motifs. Medallions typically have borders framing out the center block giving a wonderful place to play with machine quilting rulers.
May 14, 2019
Rule your Quilt: Adding spice with scallop and arc machine quilting templates
Machine quilting with templates can add spice and variety to your quilt tops. The best news is that it isn’t hard to do!
March 14, 2019
Rule Your Quilt: Garden trellis border designs with rulers
Using rulers when machine quilting gives you consistent shapes and spaces while being easy to use, too! There are a variety of straight line designs from simple to complex that are easy to accomplish using rulers designed for machine quilting...