APQS Larry
Throat Size
18" x 8"
34 lbs (14.4 kg)
Needle Speed

Larry is the first family member of our new economy line of quality longarm quilting machines. He also happens to be our smallest. But don’t mistake economical for trimmed back. Larry has all the features APQS is known for and is backed by the unmatched APQS lifetime guarantee.

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Lifetime Warranty
Lifetime Warranty
New APQS longarm quilting machines are fully warranted to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product.
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Lifetime Customer Support
Lifetime Customer Support
When you purchase an APQS longarm quilting machine you become part of the APQS family. Our customer support and trained service technicians are never more than a phone call away.
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Why Choose APQS
Why Choose APQS
Handcrafted with the quilter in mind, APQS machines are simple to use, easy to maintain and backed by an industry-leading lifetime warranty on parts and labor.
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Larry Features
Stitch Regulator
Stitch Regulator
Our stitch regulator is the most precise in the industry, delivering accurate stitches – where you want them, when you want them.
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Stitch Regulator

Stitch Regulator

The stitch regulator is the heart and soul of any longarm, and in 1998 APQS had an innovative breakthrough. We developed what is known as Adaptive Logic Stitch Regulation™. This APQS invention performs with the skill and grace of a ballet dancer making all your stitches extremely precise and accurate – where you want them, when you want them.

It produces stitches of consistent length - even as you change quilting speed or direction - and makes perfect star points and squares with defined corners. You can even see and hear the motor and needle speed up or slow down as you move the quilting head faster or slower.

Horizontal Locks
Horizontal Locks
Your wheels can be manually locked for horizontal stitching.
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Horizontal Locks

Horizontal Locks

Your wheels can be manually locked for horizontal stitching. This lets you easily baste quilt tops and sew straight horizontal lines with precision.

Turbo Bobbin Winder
Turbo Bobbin Winder
Consistently wound bobbins are the key to consistent tension.
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Turbo Bobbin Winder

Turbo Bobbin Winder

Load your own bobbins with thread that matches your specific needs so you can focus on the quilting process. The Turbo Bobbin Winder comes standard with all machines and is a high-quality industrial bobbin winder that evenly and quickly loads your bobbins with reliable tension.

Standard Table
Standard Table
The APQS table is full of great time-saving features.
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Standard Table

Standard Table

The APQS standard table is full of great time-saving features. For example, the quilt top, batting and backing all load from the top. This simplifies bobbin changes and lets you quilt while sitting. Our tables do not have junction points in the rails or the poles, which giving our wheels smooth movement and prevents sway. The standard table comes in 8', 10' and 12' table length.

Standard Machine Features

Our machines are perfectly balanced on a horizontal wheel that gives you ease of movement you need to stitch beautiful motifs easily with superb handling. It includes a set of wheels directly below the head for forward and backward movement, and another set of carriage wheels for sideways movement. The result? You can sew in any direction with total ease. Or, checkout our Bliss Track System as an upgrade.

Horizontal Wheels

Bright clear lighting of your work-space increases your accuracy. LED lighting floods your work area with bright light so you can see every stitch, every detail. The light is mounted on the machine and moves with you as you move around the pattern. LED Lighting is standard on all APQS machines.

LED Lighting

Your machine comes ready to accept different optional feet for the different kinds of quilting you do. This makes it simple to change out the machine’s standard template hopping foot to an optional open toe design.

The foot height can be adjusted up and down depending on the thickness of batting and/or fabric. Several optional accessory feet are available to help you explore other quilting techniques with your new longarm. Interchangeable feet are available as a kit (shown) or sold individually.

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Interchangeable Hopping Foot

When you purchase an APQS machine you have the option between two bobbins: Smart Bobbin© (L) or Big Bobbin© (M). This gives you the ability to customize your machine to your taste and style of quilting.

Bobbin Options

Easily bring the bobbin thread to the top to keep the back of your quilt free from thread tails. Whether you like to tack your starting/ending stitches or knot & bury, you can control it all with the touch of a button.

Our single stitch button makes bringing the bobbin thread to the top a simple task and it helps simplify basting stitches.

Different types of quilting require a quilter to dial in the speed of the needle to match the complexity of the design. A touch of the button gives you the control you need without having to navigate through a series of menus. APQS quilting machines give you the ability to control the stitches per minute anywhere from 0-3500 for Millennium, Freedom and Lucey to 0-2,400 for Lenni, Larry and George.

Variable Needle Speed

APQS uses the highest quality industrial-grade disc-style tensioners. Because it adjusts tension as the thickness of the thread changes, experienced quilters all across the country prefer the thread tensioner used on APQS machines.

You can use virtually any kind of thread, from heavy polyesters to fussy cottons, with no worry about stretching or breaking the thread. The tension is easy to set, and your machine will maintain consistent tension. Plus, the simplicity of the APQS tensioner ensures many years of trouble-free service.

Single Disc Thread Tensioner

Quilters love how easy it is to follow a paper pattern with the precision laser. Power is supplied directly from the machine so you don’t have batteries to replace.

Laser Light Stylus

Select whether you wish to work in the needle down or needle up position. When you come to a halt your APQS machine will not stop partially in the fabric - it will either stop in the full up or full down position depending on your preference.

The positioner also helps maintain constant speed and torque of the machine and speeds up the outlining process.

APQS carefully chose belt drive technology as the means of transferring power to the upper and lower shafts. This clean and quiet belt drive requires no grease, eliminating the potential to ruin your quilt. Ask any APQS owner and they will tell you that timing or re-timing is almost nonexistent. In addition, belt drive technology requires no lubrication, is quieter in operation and reduces vibration.

Synchronous Belt

Our self-lubricating needle bar and hopping foot bushings provide smooth operation with no additional lubrication required. This innovative and time-saving feature minimizes maintenance by eliminating unnecessary oiling. In fact, the amount of oil required to care for an APQS machine is a fraction of what other quilting machines need, making maintenance simple and easy.

Self Lubricating Bushings

APQS combines technology with sleek design to give you a beautiful machine with the horsepower you need. Our integrated electronics and motor are tucked away behind the clean lines of our machines.

Enclosed DC Motor

Our beginner longarm quilting class (one-day) is taught at numerous locations across the US and other countries. You’ll learn the skills you need to complete typical quilting projects on your new longarm machine including how to maintain your machine and adjust the tension along with much more. We will also get you set up with start up supply kit.


Beginner Class
Table & Frame

The APQS standard table is full of great time-saving features. For example, the quilt top, batting and backing all load from the top. This simplifies bobbin changes and lets you quilt while sitting. Our tables do not have junction points in the rails or the poles, which giving our wheels smooth movement and prevents sway. The standard table comes in 8', 10' and 12' table length.

apqs, longarm quilting, standard table

Most machine tables require the quilter to raise the take up bar as the quilt sandwich is advanced to keep it from rubbing on the throat of the machine.

The APQS adjustment free quilt take up roller is already elevated into the dead center of the throat of our machines. As a result, there is no adjustment needed even at the end of a king or queen quilt. The quilt sandwich is perfectly aligned with the center of the throat and elevated up in the air without needing any thought from the quilter.

The leveler bar is located in front of the take up bar and it keeps your work surface level so the tension of your stitches is the same whether you are stitching at the front of the table or the back of the table.

Adjustment Free Take Up Roller
Optional Accessories

The Bliss aluminum alloy table rails are engineered to eliminate the need for truss support. With Bliss, you'll be able to quilt for hours on end without the fatigue felt with cumbersome track systems or heavier machines.

You can choose a table length of 10'-, 12'- tables for all machines or a table length of 14' for Freddie and Millie (additional Deluxe Table cost of $2,000 applies for 14’ Lucey) . You can quilt confidently without worrying about sagging or flexing in the table's center.  Add the Bliss Track for $1,000.

Bliss Track System

The optional hydraulic lift is available as an upgrade to our standard table. It enables you to adjust table height with the push of a button. Front rollers on the table are set up above tabletop level to make it easier to load quilts and provide the option of sitting on a stool at the front side of the table when doing intricate detail work on a quilt.

The cost of the Hydraulic table Lift is $1,650.

Hydraulic Table Lift

There are multiple optional accessories you can purchase for your APQS quilting machine to further enhance your longarm quilting experience. If you have any questions about the optional accessories listed below don’t hesitate to contact us or speak directly to your local retailer.

  • Micro Drive
  • Hartley Fence
  • Base Expander
  • Tool Kit
  • Vertical Cone Holder
  • Horizontal Dual Spool Holder
  • Interchangeable Complete Foot Kit – Stand Up Machines
  • Interchangeable Complete Foot Kit – George

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Hand guided tools
Setup & Delivery

Shipping in the USA typically costs between $350 - $500. Export costs are your responsibility. There are no crating fees. Most orders should arrive in 1-5 business days from the time the shipment leaves the factory in Carroll, Iowa.

Arrangements can be made if you would like to pick up your machine at the APQS Factory in Carroll, Iowa, or the APQS Showroom in Des Moines, Iowa.

Machine Shipping and Delivery

Assembly is simple and will only take a few hours. Every APQS longarm quilting machine comes with machine, table, patterns, thread, bobbins, bobbin winder, needles and more.

The machine will also come with easy-to-follow, step-by-step assembly instructions as well as a basic training CD and manual. The sewing head is assembled for you; you only need to add the handles and axles and assemble the table.

If assistance is needed our technicians are always available at 800-426-7233.

Machine Setup

If you’d like an APQS team member to set up your machine, we’re happy to help. Our crew will set up and assemble your new quilting machine and table where you want it.  In addition, they will make any table and wheel adjustments needed along with installing the bobbin, thread and needle.

We offer the option of professional in home/business setup for an added cost of $500.


Professional Set Up