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December 6, 2022
How to fit a longarm quilting machine in your space
Making room for a longarm machine in a small space can be tricky. APQS dealer Julia Graves shares creative ways that APQS owners have created space for their machines.
November 22, 2022
Video Tutorial: Palm & Coconut design
Looking for a fun design to use on your next quilting project? Follow along with APQS dealer Lauren Jackson as she shows us how to stitch the Palm & Coconut design.
November 15, 2022
Free quilt pattern: Sunrise
Looking for the perfect wall hanging to brighten up your home? The Sunrise pattern allows you to pair the detailed blocks with your favorite pantograph.
November 8, 2022
Avoiding tucks on the back of your quilt
We've all encountered the dreaded tuck in the back of a quilt. Follow along as APQS dealer Julia Graves explains how to fix a tuck in your quilt.
November 1, 2022
Thinking of buying a longarm quilting machine? Here are some tips from APQS owners…
We recently asked our APQS family on Facebook what tips they would give to somebody interested in purchasing a quilting machine. The response was tremendous. We’ve received lots of comments that were full of thoughtful and useful advice.
October 25, 2022
Computerized quilting 101
Thinking about purchasing an APQS Quilt Path? APQS dealer Angela Clark explains the benefits of computerized quilting and what it can do for you!
October 18, 2022
Free quilt pattern: Blocked In
Looking for a quilt pattern that pairs perfectly with a diverse color palette? We have the perfect pattern for you! Blocked In uses streamline Log Cabin blocks that will go with any fabric prints or color pattern.
October 11, 2022
Video Tutorial: Faux Leaf design
Looking for the perfect fall-themed quilt design? Look no further! Follow along with Lauren Jackson as she shows us how to stitch the Faux Leaf design.
October 4, 2022
How to choose threads and pair needles
Wondering how to choose the perfect threads and needles for your next quilt? Follow along with Lauren Jackson as she explains her best practices for thread and pair needle selection.
September 27, 2022
Free quilt pattern: Improvised Herringbone
Looking to let your creative side shine? We have the perfect pattern for you! Use your favorite fabrics and color combinations for this Improvised Herringbone pattern.