Free pattern: Candy Dreams

June 18, 2024


Get ready to let your creativity soar with Candy Dreams! This versatile quilt pattern allows you to showcase several assorted prints, creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece every time.

Pro tip: Candy Dreams is also perfect for quilters who love Block Lotto!  In this quilting game, you and your quilting buddies choose a color palette and background color, determine the block size and style, and provide block instructions. Make as many blocks as you desire, and put them in a pool with your friends’ blocks. Then, have a non-partial judge pick a block from the pool. If it’s your block, you win them all!

Free pattern: Candy Dreams - full view of the Candy Dreams pattern

Quilt dimensions

Finished size: 48″ x 60″

Finished blocks: 12(12″) blocks

Free pattern: Candy Dreams - Candy Dreams pattern displayed on a bed

Quilting and finishing tips

  1. Layer and baste the backing.
  2. The quilter quilted feathers and flowers in the blocks, stitched frames around the blocks and filled the frames with ribbon candy. She quilted lines at an offset angle on the pieced borders.
  3. Bind the quilt

Free pattern: Candy Dreams - zoomed in view of the Candy Dreams pattern displayed on the bed

Free pattern: Candy Dreams - zoomed in view of a block on the Candy Dreams pattern

Need some inspiration for quilting designs? Two great options for this type of pattern are Ribbon Candy and Micro Loops.

The Candy Dreams quilt pattern was designed and machine quilted by Angela Huffman.

For more information about ensuring your squares are correct, read the Reference chart for squares on point.

For more information about cutting, read the 10 tips for quick cutting.