Return on investment

Most people who are thinking about starting their own quilting business want to know roughly how long it will take them to pay for the machine.

We studied machine quilting services and pricing from all around the United States and we put together some averages.

Estimates to pay off longarm

  • Average queen size quilt is approximately 90 X 100 inches and takes about 3-5 hours to quilt.
  • The average price for machine quilting with a design that is fairly simple (by no means heirloom quality) is approximately $0.015 cents per square inch.
  • At this price, that queen-sized quilt would bring you approximately $135 in labor costs alone.
  • It would take approximately 140 quilts to pay off our top-of-the-line Millennium at $18,900. This would be an average of 2.69 quilts per week for the first year of your business.
  • It would take approximately 133 quilts for that first year to pay for a Freedom at $17,900. Average: 2.56 quilts per week.
  • For the Lucey, priced at only $12,900, it would take approximately 96 quilts with an average of 1.85 quilts per week for the first year.
  • And the Lenni or Larry would take even less time and fewer quilts!