Quilting with rulers collection

September 12, 2023

Ruler work can take the details in your quilt to the next level. While integrating ruler designs into quilting might seem intimidating, fear not! We’ve pulled together a collection of ruler-focused blog posts  that offer guidance on choosing the proper ruler and designs that you can get started with.

Things to consider before purchasing longarm quilting rulers

It’s important to make sure the rulers you select for longarm quilting are versatile and ready to grow with you. In this blog post, Lauren Jackson of Bold Notion Quilting shares her tips and tricks for selecting the perfect quilting tools. Read more here.

Different ruler types

Building borders with simple arcs

If you’ve opted for a ruler with an arc, this is the perfect blog post for you! Join Angela Huffman from Quilted Joy as she explains how to create five simple arch border designs here.

User completing a border with a rounded ruler

Hex border with rulers

If you opted to go with a straight ruler, check out this blog post! Follow along with Lauren Jackson of Bold Notion Quilts as she shows us how to create a fun rippling hexagon that is a perfect fit for your next modern quilt. Read more here.

Hex border with rulers

If you use any of these ruler designs, please share pictures with us on our APQS Instagram or Facebook pages. Happy quilting!