Quick Quilt Tops – win our finished quilt!

November 5, 2019

Choosing a quilting design can be very hard … but when you solicit the help of friends – lots and lots of friends – it’s very easy!

More than 3,500 quilters cast a vote for their favorite quilting design to go with the winning piecing design from our Quick Top Quilt Series. (In case you missed it, click here to see 10 different piecing layouts created using just 100 half-square triangle blocks.) To refresh your memory, here’s a picture of the layout our readers chose as their favorite:

Next, we asked you to choose your favorite quilting design for that layout from among three different design options I presented – with the promise that I would then quilt the top with the winning design and then give it away to one lucky winner, along with a basket of goodies from APQS!

One more time, these were the options you could vote for:

Design 1: Crossing Pathways

Design 2: Feathers and Curves

Design 3: Spa Day

And … drumroll please … the winner is …

The “Feathers and Curves” quilting design garnered over 1,600 votes, with “Spa Day” coming in just 200 votes behind and “Crossing Pathways” gathering nearly 700 votes. It was fun to read all the different opinions as quilters shared  what they liked (or didn’t like) in the comments of our article. If there’s a lesson to learn from that, it’s this:

When deciding how to quilt a quilt, everyone will have an opinion if you ask for it – none of which or better or worse, just different. Choose a design that makes you happy, brings you joy, and says “that’s me!”

I created the leaf-shaped designs using the digitizing software included with Quilt Path, and let the computer do the work for those sections. The straight lines on the interior square were also quilted using Quilt Path.

However, I quilted the feather shapes freehand and used my curved crosshatching ruler to fill in behind the center star. I wanted the curves to radiate out from the star, which meant paying attention to where the first curves should originate. This article shows you more about that. Special thanks to Susie Martin of Pleasant Hill who happened to pop in my office at just the right time and volunteer to put the blocks together so I could quilt it!

Now you have the chance to OWN this quilt finished by yours truly, plus a basketful of goodies from APQS that includes a quilt kit, rulers, thread, bobbins, quilting gadgets and more!

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