Quick quilt tops: vote for your favorite layout

September 3, 2019

I admit it…over the weekend I became an addict—a design wall addict, that is!

In this fun blog series about making quick quilt tops, we started by showing you how to easily piece half-square triangles and get them done fast. And just to show you how fast your top can come together, I grabbed a stack of 10-inch Kaffe Fassett squares and a yard of white-on-white fabric, and had 128 blocks sewn, cut and pressed in just under 3 hours!

I wanted to keep things super simple, so I trimmed the pre-cut squares down to 8-1/2” (the width of my long rotary cutting ruler) and then cut 16 squares from the white fabric to that same size. (Check out our blog post for instructions and helpful cutting charts to make blocks of different sizes.) Then I hung up my Fons and Porter Design Wall …and the next thing you know, I was hooked!

The felt backing on the design wall grabbed each block and held it in place, and the gridded vinyl backing provided reference lines that helped me keep the blocks aligned as I created. I decided on a ‘layout grid’ that was 10 blocks tall and 10 blocks wide, and started with some common layouts—chevrons, blocks, stripes—but soon my mind went crazy!

What if I flipped this section of blocks left, rotated that group right? I was having so much fun with the “what if’s” that I was in my own little world for hours, playing with the blocks like a 4-year-old with a new box of Legos. Each time I changed an arrangement, I took a photo with my phone. If I didn’t like a particular layout, the delete button was super-handy.

But I saved a LOT of photos—almost 50 of them! I could have spent hours more playing if I didn’t have to stop and feed my family some dinner.

Now here’s where you come in! I asked our dealer network to choose their favorite layouts from the slew I created, and they’ve narrowed down the layouts to the 10 you see below. We’d love for you to vote on YOUR favorite layout from the designs!

Scroll through the ten pictures below and pick your favorite design by filling out the form at the bottom of this post.

Then, in the next blog post in this series we’ll create some quilting designs for the big vote-getter and have you choose that, too. Finally, we’ll quilt the project with the quilting design that gets the most votes, and then give the quilt away to one lucky winner—along with some cool APQS bling! What are you waiting for? Cast your vote for your favorite now!

Design 1:

quick quilt tops design

Design 2:

quick quilt tops design

Design 3:

Design 4:

Design 5:

Design 6:

Design 7:

Design 8:

Design 9:

Design 10:

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