Free quilt pattern: Summer Dash

June 20, 2023


Here’s a quilt pattern that will surely be a staple piece! Summer Dash makes a classic Churn Dash look extra sweet by mixing sunny and floral plaids. Surrounding alternate blocks with matching sashing is a simple way to add pop to the design as it makes some of the blocks appear larger than others.

Hot tip: this pattern is perfect for diverse color palettes.

Free pattern: Summer Dash - full view of quilt pattern

Quilt pattern dimensions

  • Finished quilt: 60 ½” x 76 ½”
  • Finished block: 6” x 6”

Free pattern: Summer Dash- zoomed in image of quilt pattern

Quilting and finishing tips

  • Layer the backing, batting and quilt top: baste the layers together and quilt!
  • Use the 2 ½-wide strips to make double-fold binding; attach the binding to the quilt.

The pantograph used on the quilt above is a simple egg-and-dart design. For more complex quilting, you can overlap the motifs.

Need some inspiration for other quilting designs? Other great options for this type of pattern would be a Puff Flower Loop de Loop or Curlique Hearts filler.

Summer Dash was designed, pieced and quilted by April Rosenthal. If you use the Summer Dash pattern, please share pictures with us on our APQS Instagram or Facebook pages. Happy quilting!

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