Free quilt pattern: Drunken Flowers

August 15, 2023


Let your creativity flourish with this free quilt pattern called Drunken Flowers. This pattern utilizes light and dark solids to create a floral effect that is amplified with the addition of intricate quilting.

Quilt pattern dimensions

  • Finished quilt: 108″ x 108″
  • Finished block: 10″

Quilting and finishing tips

  • Layer and baste together the backing, batting and quilt top.
  • Refer to the quilting placement diagram (page 4 in pdf).
    • Quilt a petal and circle motif in the sections shown.
    • Quilt a fan motif in the green paths as shown.
    • Quilt a ribbon motif in the navy B’s and a double circle motif in the border.
  • Bind the quilt.

The quilt design used on the quilt above is custom quilted. If you don’t have the time or desire to custom quilt, the Moonglow quilting motif mimics the curved quilting and is a bit easier to accomplish. You can download the Moonglow Quilting motif here:

Need some inspiration for other quilting designs? Other great options for this type of pattern would be a Puff Flower Loop de Loop or Orchid Blossom filler.

Drunken Flowers was designed and pieced by Susan Deshensky and machine quilted by Janice Roy.

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