Free pattern: XOXO

April 16, 2024


Take a look at the adorable XOXO quilt pattern. Overflowing with hugs, kisses, and lots of love, this project is tailor-made for new quilters looking to spread some warmth and creativity. The X’s and O’s come to life with stitch-and-flip corners, forming a stunning medallion-style design. Despite its intricate appearance, the sewing process is straightforward, making it an ideal starting point for your quilting journey.

Pro tip: make sure to use a consistent 1/4″ seam allowance to ensure all elements fit together well.

Free pattern: XOXO - full view of the XOXO pattern

Quilt dimensions

Finished size: 59″ x 77″

Finished blocks:

4 Block R 9″ x 9″
4 Block S 9″ x 9″
4 Block T 9″ x 9″
1 Block U 9″ x 9″
8 Block V 9″ x 9″
2 Block W 9″ x 9″
4 Block X 9″ x 9″
4 Block Y 9″ x 9″
4 Block Z 9″ x 9″

Free pattern: XOXO - quilt pattern displayed on a bed

Quilting and finishing tips

  • Layer, baste and quilt.
  • The quilt featured in these images was machine quilted by crossing curved lines in the X-shaped blocks and feathers in the O-shaped blocks. Diagonal crosshatching was used in the borders.
  • Bind the quilt.

Free pattern: XOXO - zoomed in view of the pattern

Free pattern: XOXO - zoomed in display on a bed

Need some inspiration for quilting designs? Two great options for this type of pattern are Hooked Feather and Scallops.

The XOXO quilt pattern was designed by Joanie Holton and machine quilted by Naomi Polzin.

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