Quilting the Quilt: Mix and match border designs

February 4, 2014

When you look for a suitable border design for a quilt, it’s all too easy to choose one simply because you have a stencil that happens to be the right size. While you might become very proficient at quilting that design over and over, you will not expand your quilting horizons or make each of your quilts unique.

Here’s a technique that will help you increase your border design repertoire with virtually little or no marking. I like to think of this as “mixing and matching” because all the designs are based on a common principle—an imaginary line down the center of the border that allows the designs to bounce from one side to the other. All it takes is a simple tweak in the design shape or repetition to make something completely new and different. It’s also easy to become skilled at quilting these designs because they rely on repetition.

Learn more about my “mixing and matching” technique…

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