Free pattern: Snow Blossom

January 16, 2024


Just look at this wonderful quilt! This Snow Blossom pattern beautifully weaves together intricate snowflakes and delicate flowers to remind us all that beauty can bloom – even in the depth of winter. The large scale of the motif makes for a stylish, modern-looking quilt that would work in any two colors you like. Plus, the large swaths of tonal fabric are ideal for displaying gorgeous custom quilting,

Pro tip – when piecing the quilt it is helpful to use a design wall or a large flat surface to lay out all units and patches before sewing the blocks.

Free pattern: Snow Blossom - full view of quilt pattern

Quilt dimensions

Finished size: 66″ x 66″

Finished blocks:

4 Block X 14″ x 14″
4 Block Y 14″ x 30″
4 Block Z 14″ x 14″

Free pattern: Snow Blossom - quilt pattern displayed on a bed

Quilting and finishing tips

  • Layer, baste and quilt.
  • The designer machine quilted orange peel motifs and parallel lines in the center white portion and small pebbles and spirals in the center purple portion. She quilted parallel lines and arched crosshatching on the outside purple edges.
  • Bind the quilt.

Free pattern: Snow Blossom - zoomed in image of quilt pattern

Need some inspiration for quilting designs? Two great options for this type of pattern are the Pebbles filler and Scallops filler.

Snow Blossom quilt pattern was designed and machine quilted by Becky Rico.

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