What to do with leftover batting: creative ideas for quilters

February 6, 2024

As a quilter, you will inevitably be left with fabric scraps and other leftover materials. One of the most common is batting. Batting provides your quilt with warmth and structure, and it’s necessary for all projects. But what can you do with leftover batting?

In this post, we will explore some creative ideas and useful tips on how to use leftover batting, so you can put those scraps to good use!

Create quilted coasters or small pin cushions

Coasters or small pin cushions are an easy and practical project that you can make using leftover batting.

Cut your batting into small squares and use them as the filling for your coasters or pin cushions. For coasters, you can even layer several pieces of batting for extra thickness.

Cover the batting with your favorite fabrics or use up scraps from previous projects to make a patchwork design. Quilt as desired and finish the edges with binding or a simple zigzag stitch.

What to do with leftover batting: creative ideas for quilters - pin cushion

Make potholders and table trivets

Potholders and table trivets are also great things to make with leftover batting. Cut two pieces of fabric and several layers of batting to the desired size and layer them together. Quilt as desired or use a simple stitch to hold them together. Finish the edges with binding or fold them over and sew around the perimeter. Potholders are a great way to use up scraps and make an item that is both pretty and functional.

Stuffed pillows or soft toys

Leftover batting can also be used for stuffing pillows or soft toys.

Simply stuff the batting into the pillow or toy until it is as full as desired, then stitch the opening closed. This is a great way to reuse batting scraps while creating something useful or fun for yourself or your loved ones.

What to do with leftover batting: creative ideas for quilters - dog laying on dog bed with toy next to him

Donate your scraps

There are so many wonderful organizations that struggle with the cost of batting. Check with your local guilds for quilting groups that make donation quilts. Some organizations just need small-sized batting for baby quilts and projects. They will love your leftover batting and put it to good use.

Another place to reach out to is animal shelters. They are always in need of soft bedding for their furry friends. You can use your leftover batting to make small cushions or even whole beds for shelter cats or dogs. It is a great way to give back to your community while putting your leftovers to good use.

Plan for future projects

If you have a lot of leftover batting, it can be helpful to plan for future projects. Set aside the scraps and label them for a specific project. This way, you can easily access the materials you need when you are ready to start your next project without having to purchase more batting.


“Frankenbatting” is the innovative technique of combining small pieces of batting to create larger quantities.

Seamlessly connect these pieces using a zig-zag stitch or batting tape. Despite its unique construction, “frankenbatting” has the same strength as traditional options.

What to do with leftover batting: creative ideas for quilters - batting

As quilters, we all want to minimize waste, and using leftover batting is one of the best ways to achieve that. With these creative ideas and tips, you can make the most out of your leftover batting and turn it into functional and beautiful projects. So, don’t throw away those scraps – instead, put them to good use!

Happy Quilting!