Things to consider when buying a longarm quilting machine

September 12, 2022

APQS Millie longarm quilting machine

A longarm quilting machine will transform how you quilt and will bring your quilting dreams to life. But do you know what things to look for when buying a quilting machine? Here at APQS we have been making longarm quilting machines in our Carroll, Iowa facility for decades and have learned a few things about what to consider when shopping for a longarm.

First, be sure you understand how a longarm works.

Knowing the general way a longarm quilting machine operates will help you determine what is important to you. A quilting machine is a bit of a throwback to the simple straight stitch machines of yesteryear – just much, much bigger. Learn more here.

Get some advice from APQS machine owners:

APQS owners come from all walks of life and are spread out all across the globe. More importantly – they all have different levels of experience when it comes to machine quilting. We recently asked our APQS family of owners what advice they’d give to someone interested in purchasing a longarm quilting machine. We got some really great answers to help guide you. Keep Reading

How much space is needed for a longarm?

The size of the table or frame you choose will dictate how much space you need. And, the size of the table or frame you choose will dictate how big of a quilt top you can quilt. People are pleasantly surprised that a machine with a queen-sized frame will only take up about the same space as a full-sized couch! So, what size should you choose? Keep Reading

Consider the size throat space that makes sense for your needs.

The size of the throat of a longarm machine is the measurement from the back of the needle to the back of the opening of the machine. It represents your actual workspace to quilt within. However, as you work, the finished quilt rolls up on the bar that is inside the machine’s throat reducing the allowable workspace as you quilt.

A machine with 18” of quilting space is going to be more limiting when machine quilting at the end of your queen sized top because so much of the throat space will be occupied by the finished quilt. Machines with 20-30” of throat space will allow you more room for your designs to be stitched in one pass. They will be much more versatile for large blocks, wide borders, medallion quilts and quilts with free-flowing designs.

For a quick way to compare APQS machine’s throat space, visit this page and select the machines you want to compare. Then, scroll down the to the machine specs section.

Should I add a computer to my longarm?

We love the ease and perfection of computerized quilting, but some folks like to start out without a computer and add it later.

Whatever you decide, our APQS machines are ready to whenever you are. The Quilt Path system pops on easily! A computerized system will equip you with the ability to stitch anything you can imagine with just a few clicks. Keep Reading

How do I take care of a longarm machine and what about service?

A quilting machine can bring you years and years of fun. APQS machines come with an industry leading Lifetime Warranty. You’ll be amazed at how incredibly easy it is to care for our machines. Keep Reading

How will I learn to use the machine?

Your education is very important to us. That is why you get a full day Beginning Longarm Quilting class included with your purchase. You can take this class from any APQS dealer or at any APQS store. You’ll be taught everything you need to know to be comfortable and confident with your machine.

Plus, you’ll love all the educational videos we have on our YouTube channel. The Lifetime Customer Support you get with an APQS machine will ensure years of enjoyment. We know you can do this, and we can’t wait to show you how! See our class calendar here.

Considering quilting for others?

Whether you plan to start a full-time quilting business or quilt only the occasional quilt for others, APQS is ready to help! There are a few things to think about when starting a quilting business. Keep Reading

Pick a company here for the long haul.

At APQS we have been making quilting machines for over 40 years. We know how to support and guide you through your longarm adventure while you enjoy a quilting machine manufactured to industrial standards. Our machines are all made in America and we truly believe in the quality and durability of each machine we build.

Plus, when you buy and APQS machine you become a part of the APQS family. That means you also have lifetime customer support: certified technicians, technical support teams, educators and dealers are all ready to help you succeed.

Take the next step.

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