APQS quilting machine table & frame sizes – what you need to know

September 12, 2022

APQS longarm quilting machine table

Once you’ve decided which APQS longarm quilting machine is perfect for your needs, you’ll want to consider the table size that will best fit your sewing space. You can select an 8’, 10’, or 12’ table for any of our machines. We also offer a deluxe 14’ table for our Mille30, Millie and Freddie machines.

Before we get into the detail of what you should consider when looking at table options, take a look at this video with some highlights of key features:

What makes APQS frames unique?

One of the things that sets APQS frames apart from other manufacturers is that our table sizes are fixed. In other words, you can’t set up the table as a 5-foot-long frame today and a 10-foot-long frame tomorrow. That is a deliberate choice.

You may see other manufacturers offer tables that can change size. APQS does not offer that ability and for a very good reason. We do not want any junctions on our table’s rails. If you can change the table’s size, that means you will have junctions somewhere along the rail where your machine travels up and down the table. As the wheels of your machine cross over a junction they can hesitate and catch slightly which affects your stitching line. Our frames are solid metal with no junctions so the machine glides down the length of the table giving you maximum control.

By making our all-metal frames fixed lengths, we have eliminated junctions in the rails, so you get smooth, effortless sewing down the entire length of the quilting machine’s frame.

Table size & corresponding quilt size

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Of course, the size of the table frame you choose will dictate the maximum size quilt you’ll be able to finish on your frame. The canvas leader that is attached to the poles of the frame are slightly smaller than the full length of the table so that there is room to attach the side clamps to your backing fabric when you have loaded the quilt to the table.

Here is the actual size of the canvas attached to our quilting machine frames:

Table size – 8 feet | Canvas length: 84″

Table size – 10 feet | Canvas length: 108″

Table size – 12 feet | Canvas length: 132″

Table size – 14 feet | Canvas length: 156″

As you can see, a 10-foot table would allow you to quilt up to an average Queen-sized quilt, but would not be big enough for the average sized King quilt. For a quilt that size, you’d need at least a 12-foot table. When determining which sized table you desire you should consider what size quilts you anticipate quilting.

How much space do you need for your APQS machine?

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When positioning your APQS quilting machine in your sewing space, keep in mind that one of the short sides can go up against the wall. You only need one side to walk around. The actual table width for our Mille30, Mille, Freddie and Lucey is 5 feet. The length required for your table is dictated by the size frame you choose. Of course, you will need a little room for your body to stand at the front and the back of the machine. If space is an issue in your room, you might consider getting our locking casters so you can push the machine up against the wall when you aren’t using it and then pull it away from the way when you are using it.

Take a look at the following chart for the minimum recommended size needed for each size table available for our APQS machines. Keep in mind that the “Minimum Room Depth” listed includes some space allowances on BOTH the front and back side of the machine. The actual amount needed you need in your space will fluctuate based on your body type.

APQS Machine Table Width Minimum Room Depth Minimum Room Length Needed for 8′ Table Minimum Room Length Needed for 10′ Table Minimum Room Length Needed for 12′ Table Minimum Room Length Needed for 14′ Table
Millie30 5′ 10″ 8′ 10″ *10″ *12′ *14′ *16′
Millie and Freddie 5′ 3″ 8′ 3″ *10′ *12′ *14′ *16′
Lucey 5′ 3″ 8′ 3″ 10′ 12′ 14′ N/A
Lenni 4′ 6″ 7′ 6″ 10′ 12′ 14′ N/A

*If the APQS Auto Fabric Advance is added to the frame, you will need to add an additional 1″ of room length to the dimensions above. It will not change the minimum room depth needed.

You may need to think creatively when looking for the best space for your APQS longarm quilting machine. Don’t miss this great article all about how to carve out the needed space for your sewing area so you can get your dream machine!

If you’d like to test drive an APQS longarm quilting machine, contact your closest APQS retailer.