Computerized quilting 101

October 25, 2022

You may be asking yourself what the benefits are of purchasing a computerized quilting system or adding a computer to an existing system. The biggest benefit is freedom – the freedom to multiply your productivity and creativity.

Home quilter

For the home quilter, the APQS Quilt Path system allows you to do other things while Quilt Path is quilting your quilt. Imagine piecing the next quilt while Quilt Path is working on finishing the one you just completed or making a quick call (perfect for those calls where you need to talk to someone, but not too long!). Quilt Path perfectly fills the quiltable space with either one of the pre-existing designs that come with your purchase or one of the custom designs that you have drawn, purchased or by recorded from your own free-motion quilting.

Professional quilter

For the professional quilter, Quilt Path is the perfect first employee. “QP” frees you up to talk to customers, design new motifs or any of the other hundreds of things on a small business owner’s to-do list. It also helps you increase your productivity, getting customer quilts back in their hands quickly while keeping the beautiful stitch quality that we expect from our APQS machines.

APQS Quilt Path

The latest Gen5 Quilt Path brings even easier installation and usability improvements when moving between free-motion and computerized quilting.

The system installs in less than an hour and does not require removing the machine or rollers from the frame. The new hardware has been especially designed to move the weight from the machine to the support system, reducing “nose weight,” making it easier to record and digitize free-motion quilting.

To move between free motion and computerized quilting is now just a matter of two simple clamps, and zero excess weight, resulting in a more natural free-motion quilting session. There is no need to take the tablet or mount off the system when you free-motion quilt, making it easy to add just a few quick embellishments to your quilt.

The QP Gen5 system has a way for you to disengage the motor, which gives you more control when you are doing things, like eClipse, where you are tracing a feature on your quilt top to tell Quilt Path you want to keep your design in, or out, of that area.

While the system comes with 750 designs, you can also purchase designs from digital design sites or create your own designs in PatternCAD. The PatternCAD digitizing software is included in QP, and it’s what I use to create all my digital designs, including the ones that APQS gives you with your Quilt Path purchase.

Quilt Path can be included with any new APQS longarm system and can also be added to any APQS longarm that comes with a Lifetime warranty. Your local APQS dealer can discuss either option with you.

With an APQS Quilt Path, you can immediately start quilting quilts. Most new users are quilting within a few hours of installing their systems. Today is the day to start your computerized quilting adventure!

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