Quick Quilt Tops 2022 – Flying Geese: Win our finished quilt

September 20, 2022

This is the final article in our summer 2022 Quick Quilt Tops series. As part of this series, we’ll create a quilt together – from picking a pattern and a quilting design. You can find this first article here the second article here and read previous installments at this link

In Part 1, I showed you ten different layouts utilizing the versatile Flying Geese block and you got to vote for your favorite. The winner was #3, Flocking of Birds. To see all the layouts, click here.

Quick Quilts 2022-Completed Quilt

Next, I came up with three different quilting designs and asked you to vote for your favorite.  To see all the options, click here.  The winner was a pantograph pattern called Ripples, designed by Hermione Agee.

Quick Quilts 2022-Design 1 Ripples Panto

I auditioned several different threads for this quilt. When a quilt has fabrics in a wide range of value, I like to use a light-medium or medium-value thread. I think a light thread looks like white on the dark fabrics, and a dark thread looks stark on the light fabrics and really stands out. A light-medium thread will often still blend on the light fabrics and add sparkle to the dark fabrics.

I also auditioned several different kinds and weights of thread. The matte and thinner threads blended more, and the shiny and thicker threads drew more attention. One of the great things about APQS machines is how easy it is to change the tension to accommodate different threads, including different types and colors of thread on top and in the bobbin, and still get fantastic stitch quality.

The first photo shows threads that blend – different values of turquoise and gray. Neutrals are great for blending – gray for cool colors and taupe for warm colors. The second photo shows threads that contrast – oranges (the complement) and golds.

Quick Quilts 2022-3

Quick Quilts 2022-4

I ended up with a light-medium matte So Fine turquoise. I used a dark turquoise binding and a turquoise backing that complemented the flying geese design. Here’s the finished quilt.

Quick Quilts 2022-Completed Quilt

Quick Quilts 2022-2

Quick Quilts 2022-1

Want to win this lovely quilt?

If you would like to win this quilt, along with some fabulous goodies from APQS? Simply comment on this Facebook post or this Instagram post by Friday, September 23rd at 4 p.m. Central. We will pick a winner and inform them via a Facebook or Instagram direct message.

Good luck!