Quick Quilt Tops 2021 – We have a winner!

March 23, 2021

Congratulations to Linda E of New Mexico. She is the winner of this years Quick Quilt Tops quilt. 

It’s hard to describe to a non-quilter how happy your heart feels when last stitches go in and you can step back to see the full picture. Every quilt is a surprise, especially once the quilting stitches bring it to life. The quilt made for our 2021 Quick Quilt Series is no exception! Before we show you the finished quilt, here’s a re-cap…

Your votes selected the winning layout shown below from among 10 different options:

Next, you chose a quilting design from among five different possibilities. Here’s the sketch of the winning quilting design:

And finally (drumroll, please)…here is the finished quilt!

Ta da!

I used the digitizing program that comes with the APQS Quilt Path to create the triangle designs and large block designs, then used the computerized system to stitch them. I hadn’t planned on stitching in the ditch in the pinwheel blocks, since the design did a good job of filling up the space. However, after the first one stitched out, I was unhappy with how the seams puckered between the blocks.

Using an extended base for Millie (an optional accessory that expands the throat for ruler support) and a straight ruler, I added the ditch stitching on the first block. That helped make the block look crisp, but a little ruffle was still visible.

On the three remaining blocks, I stitched the ditch first (I tell my students to always do that; I admit it was a classic “do as I say, not as I do” momentary lapse—and evidence of why you should do the ditches first!) They look much better.

The cross hatching and parallel lines were completed by hand-guiding Millie along the straight ruler. The large leaves in the dark pink diamond were freehand stitched. Hobbs Wool batting provided just enough loft to give the quilt texture while keeping it light and soft. At a finished size of 48 inches square, it would make a perfect baby quilt!

Again, congratulations to Linda E of New Mexico. She is the winner of this year’s Quick Quilt Tops quilt. 

We’ve included the pattern below – just click the button to download.

Download pattern