Our top five border design tutorials

January 4, 2022

While the designs in the center of your quilt often take center stage, your quilt borders deserve some love, too!

Borders – just like quilts – come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Whether you’re working with negative space that serves to “frame” your quilt, or you’ve got a pieced border, they can enhance your quilt and give it the finishing touch that really sets it apart.

As a quilter, it’s always a good idea to have some new quilting designs in your arsenal of go-to techniques…especially if you’re quilting for others. In this post we’re sharing the five most popular border design tutorials from the APQS blog.

(If you come to the end of the article and want more inspiration, click on this link for countless other ideas.)

#1 Inchworm Border

The “Inchworm” border design is a fun, two-pass design is perfect for spring.

#2 Dandy Dew Drops

The “Dandy Dew Drops” border design is a whimsical, two-pass design that’s easy to accomplish and comes out looking intricate.

#3 Chevron Sound Waves

In this tutorial we show you how to take a border and break it into spaces and fill it with a simple design. We calls this out of the box design “Chevron Sound Waves.”

#4 Nested Hearts

The “Nested Hearts” border design is all about “swinging out” while you’re quilting.

#5 Triangle Two Step

This graphic, fun design is the perfect border for modern quilts. We call it the “Triangle Two Step.”