Our top 5 Quilting the Quilt articles

August 15, 2018

One of the great joys here at APQS is being able to share our love of quilting with others and educate quilters to became better and more confident in their craft. One way we do that is through our regular “Quilting the Quilt” articles in Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting magazine.

Every other month, Dawn Cavanaugh, APQS Customer Service & Education Director, writes an article for the magazine that features simple and actionable tips for your quilting projects. They’re very useful and also serve as a great source of inspiration if you’re stuck in a quilting rut.

In this article we’re sharing this year’s top 5 most popular Quiting the Quilt articles here on the APQS blog. Enjoy!

Quilting the Quilt: Stop stressing over tension

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Poor tension is the No. 1 issue machine quilters struggle to correct. The first critical step in solving it is getting over the fear of actually changing the top or bobbin case tension. Admonishments of “never touch the tension” from a home ec teacher might still sting your ears, but it’s time to silence that inner voice and put on a brave “I can do this” attitude!

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Quilting the Quilt: Mix and match border designs

apqs, border design, border quilt design, Dawn Cavaunaugh, longarm quilting, Quilting the Quilt

When you look for a suitable border design for a quilt, it’s all too easy to choose one simply because you have a stencil that happens to be the right size. While you might become very proficient at quilting that design over and over, you will not expand your quilting horizons or make each of your quilts unique.

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Quilting the Quilt: How much quilting is too much?

dawn cavanaugh, quilting design, how much is too much, filler, quilt block, batting

When it comes to quilting, is it possible to have too much of a good thing? That’s a great question, and the answer is not absolute.

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Quilting the Quilt: Owning the quilt process

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Sometimes the problem isn’t lack of time or even lack of desire when it comes to the actual quilting process. Many quilters would prefer to make the quilt from start to finish; they are delighted and gratified when they can say “I made it all myself .” It is hard to put so much work and love into a project, only to pass it off to someone else to complete. But roadblocks like lack of space, lack of confidence, or lack of the right quilting equipment get in the way.

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Quilting the Quilt: Now you see it, now you don’t

invisible thread, dawn cavanaugh, apqs quilting, longarm quilting, machine quilting, quilting thread

When you’re faced with choosing the “lesser of two evils,” wouldn’t it be nice to have a third option pop up that suddenly saves you? Invisible thread to the rescue!

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