Our most popular “How to…” articles

September 13, 2016

What sets APQS apart from other manufacturers is that we offer quilters more than simply a quilting machine. We’re a welcoming group of fun-loving quilters who are dedicated to help our customers become better quilters. One way we do this is by sharing lots of “how to…” articles on our blog about how to use our machines and enhance your quilting skills.

In this article we’ve pulled together some of our most popular “how to …” articles in one place. We hope it helps you find something new. Happy quilting!

How to quilt feathers – 2 methods

apqs, longarm quilting, dawn cavanaugh, quilting the quilt, feather,quilting design, feather quilting design

When delving into the world of custom quilting there is one design element that virtually all quilters want to learn to create – feathers! Learn all the details about the two methods at this link.

How to do a pantograph [with VIDEO]

Quilting the Quilt: Pantograph or custom – which should I choose?

One of the cool things about owning an APQS longarm machine is that you can look like a master quilter, even if you feel you don’t have an artistic bone in your body! All you need to do is trace! With literally thousands of pantograph designs available today, you can quilt anything from a simple swirling pattern to an elaborate cityscape scene across your quilt. Keep reading…

How do you properly use rulers when you quilt?

apqs, extended base, how to quilt with rulers, longarm quilting, longarm ruler, longarm template

Ruler work is a quick way to make a quilt spectacular but it can be intimidating. The most important thing to remember is safety. The first step to properly using rulers is to make sure you have an extended base mounted to your quilting machine. Learn more

Keep scale in perspective when sketching


If you’re a doodler, you are already on track to become a more confident freehand quilter. However, that does not mean that “non-doodlers” can’t be good freehand quilters; it does mean that you have to get out a sketchbook and practice! Here’s the key to successful practice drawing. Read more

APQS Video Tutorial: Longarm ruler tips

apqs, longarm quilting, longarm ruler, longarm templates, video tutorial

In this video tutorial you’ll discover how to use longarm rulers to stitch in the ditch and guide your APQS quilting machine. APQS Education Director Dawn Cavanaugh also shares tips for more accurate stitching and ruler safety. Keep reading…