My needle up/down won’t stop. What should I do?

May 25, 2014

Your APQS machine will go through a “break in” period when it is new. During that time, the electronics “loosen up” and react to the incoming power in your home or studio. Occasionally this causes your needle positioner to over-cycle and take more than one stitch when you turn off the sewing motor and stop sewing.

NOTE: The optional Quilt Glide feature makes the machine operate in manual and regulated mode at the same time, so it can be confused with a needle positioner problem. If you have the Quilt Glide feature on your machine, make sure the Quilt Glide knob (located on the front of your machine) is turned completely off by rotating the knob counter-clockwise until it clicks.

This video provides some more details on Quilt Glide:

Your needle positioner should not need adjusted frequently. If your machine was built in 2007 and earlier, download these instructions on how to adjust the needle positioner’s needle up/down function. If your machine was built in 2008 and later, please utilize these instructions.

If you have tried to adjust your needle positioner but are still having trouble, just call us at 800.426.7233.