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2 common backing troubles2 common backing troubles - April 22, 2014
Today we are focusing on some of the backing troubles that can derail an otherwise wonderful quilt.

What tricks do I need to know about quilting on my George?What tricks do I need to know about quilting on my George? - April 21, 2014
George uses the same pressure disk assembly as our larger machines, which gives you ultimate control over all types of threads—from metallic to ultra-fine silks.

Which class should I take?Which class should I take? - April 15, 2014
If you’re lucky enough to attend some quilt shows this year, you’ll likely face the dilemma of what classes to take once you get there.

Spring cleaning for quiltsSpring cleaning for quilts - April 8, 2014
A quilt's condition will determine whether you can launder it safely.

Ask APQSAsk APQS - April 7, 2014
Our next installment of the "Ask APQS" series. This week - Quilt Path and dog ears.

How to pause your stitchingHow to pause your stitching - April 1, 2014
Our service department occasionally gets calls from customers wondering how to stop the machine from sewing when they try to readjust their rulers or move their feet.

Ruling the World: Getting the most from your templatesRuling the World: Getting the most from your templates - March 25, 2014
In the longarm industry, rulers and templates are always highly sought-after tools of the trade.

Ask APQSAsk APQS - March 24, 2014
No matter how precise I cut, sew, press my blocks, there is always some distortion when I assemble the quilt top. What am I doing wrong?

Tips for tensionTips for tension - March 18, 2014
In quilting there is only one word that is equal to a four letter word except it has 7 letters … TENSION!

Pantograph vs. free motion quiltingPantograph vs. free motion quilting - March 11, 2014
As a novice quilter, one of the hardest things to figure out is whether to use a pantograph for your quilting, or use the free motion approach.

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