Frequently asked questions

Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions our staff receives about the contest. Please do not contact the APQS team until you have reviewed all frequently asked questions below.

Is the contest open globally?


Please note the winner is picked at RANDOM using from ALL contest entries. The largest number of entries are from the U.S.A. This makes the probability of the winner being located in the U.S.A higher.

How do I enter online on a daily basis?

1. You must fill out the registration form for your first entry. You will be taken to a Thank You page so you know that your entry has been received.

2. Every subsequent daily entry will only require your email address. You will be taken to a Thank You page so you know that your entry has been received.

3. The email entry option re-opens at midnight in the respective time zone of the entrant.

How do I know if APQS has received my entry? This is an important one, please read.

You will be taken to a Thank You page after your submit your entry so you know that your entry has been received.

You will NOT receive a confirmation email confirming your entry. Please do not contact APQS to confirm we have received your entry, as you can imagine, we receive thousands of entries a day.

I accidentally entered twice… am I disqualified? Please read before contacting APQS.

We understand the system does not limit entries, which makes it is easy for an individual to duplicate entries. This is reason for the disclaimers, to let participants know trying to cheat the system will not be tolerated. It is obvious which entry is AN accidental duplicate entry and which individuals are trying to commit fraud. An accidental duplicate entry will be removed but multiple duplicate entries will result in disqualification. It is up to each individual to track or make a note of your entry on a daily basis. Please do not contact APQS regarding duplicate entries.

Do I have to participate on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest to enter?


Can I enter multiple times per day with different email addresses?

No. Our rues state: limit ONE online entry on the APQS website, per eligible person with a valid email address per day (or one entry via mail per day). Individual members of a household can enter with separate email addresses as the contest is PER eligible person.

Can an APQS team member enter for you?

The APQS team is unable to submit entries on your behalf.

Are any of the form fields mandatory for entry?

Yes, all fields with (*) are required fields for entry.

I entered my information and clicked submit but one of the fields is highlighted in red. What does this mean?

If you click the submit button and one of the form fields becomes highlighted red, this typically means the field was filled out incorrectly. Please go back and check your entry again, correct any mistakes and then click submit again. On successful submission, you will be taken to the confirmation page.

I am getting an error message, what should I do?

Make sure you are using the most up-to-date browser (Chrome, FireFox, etc.) or try a different browser completely. Outdated operating systems or browsers can result in error messages.

Issues with CAPTCHA

CAPTCHA allows us to make sure you are human. It is a way of thwarting spam and automated submissions. Simply SOLVE the simple math problem and click submit.

If you are having issues with the CAPTCHA, please make sure your browser is updated. Also, you can try another browser.

If you are using FireFox, add-ons or extensions can cause issues. To check to see if this is an issue for you, navigate to the Contest page, then go into Firefox’s settings (See No. 1 in illustration below) and click the question mark (See No. 2 illustration below). Once you see the Help options, click “Restart with Add-ons Disabled…” and click Restart, then click “Start in Safe Mode.” This should open up the Contest page again. If the CAPTCHA is available, an add-on or extension is probably causing the issue. Either disable or use another browser to enter.

Firefox add on