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Strip cutting quickiesStrip cutting quickies - June 30, 2015
Here's a handy chart to use to help you cut the patches you need for your project using a 6" x 24" cutting ruler and long strips of fabric.

Tell us your APQS story!Tell us your APQS story! - June 23, 2015
Whether you’re a hobby quilter or a business owner, we want to hear your APQS story and celebrate your success.

How to create your longarm quilting business planHow to create your longarm quilting business plan - June 16, 2015
Even if you never intend to quilt for anyone but yourself, it pays to spend a little time thinking about how you might structure a quilting business if you buckle in a weak moment and say “yes” to someone begging you to quilt for them.

Quilting the Quilt: Try these machine appliqué shortcutsQuilting the Quilt: Try these machine appliqué shortcuts - June 9, 2015
If you find yourself in a time crunch (or you just like to get things done fast) you can shave hours off your completion time with these machine appliqué shortcuts I call Quick-liqué.

APQS Video Tutorial: Swirls on a stringAPQS Video Tutorial: Swirls on a string - June 2, 2015
With this background filler design we're breaking all the rules.

Quilting Machines- How do they work?Quilting Machines- How do they work? - May 26, 2015
A quilting machine is a bit of a throwback to the simple straight stitch machines of yesteryear - just much, much bigger.

Tension troubles on your quilting machine? Try these tricks...Tension troubles on your quilting machine? Try these tricks... - May 19, 2015
Balanced tension is the goal of every quilter. But it doesn’t take a magician to master it. With a few tricks up your sleeve you’ll be able to tackle it with ease.

Keep scale in perspective when sketchingKeep scale in perspective when sketching - May 12, 2015
Is your purse full of little scraps of paper with quilting design ideas doodled on them? Does your checkbook register look like an artist's pad?

Backing mysteries bustedBacking mysteries busted - May 5, 2015
Next time you choose a backing fabric, take these tips from our APQS team into consideration!

APQS Video Tutorial: Faster Pebble FillerAPQS Video Tutorial: Faster Pebble Filler - April 28, 2015
This faster Pebble Filler is a great filler for backgrounds and applique.

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