Your questions about Quilt Path answered

May 2, 2023

Are you interested in exploring computerized quilting, but aren’t sure how to start? Today we’re taking a deep dive into our Quilt Path system, which puts professional power at your fingertips. Here to help us is Angela Clark, the owner of APQS Raleigh Thread Waggle Quilting.

Check out her answers to the most common Quilt Path questions below!

How many designs come in the program?

There are a total of 750 designs that come pre-installed on our Quilt Path system.

There are 250 basic blocks, continuous lines, triangles and border designs that are provided by the Quilt Path design team. APQS also provides 500 additional patterns that were designed by some of their top educators as a bonus for APQS customers.

While these designs will certainly get you started on your Quilt Path journey, eventually, you will wish to add additional patterns. You can add designs either by purchasing design files from third-party vendors and importing them, or you can digitize your own designs using the built-in Quilt Path digitizing software.

What file type does Quilt Path use?

Quilt Path uses the GPF file type and can also import many different longarm computerized system file types. CQP, DXF, HQF and QLI are just a few of the design types that you can import into your Quilt Path system.

How do I get help or training?

There are multiple ways to obtain Quilt Path support, both during and outside normal business hours. APQS has a service team available for email or phone support during normal business hours. Additionally, there are social media sites dedicated to Quilt Path and Quilters Creative Touch education where you can ask questions for other users and many dealers to answer.

In addition to phone and online support, Quilt Path has an extensive help system built into the program, including a variety of introductory tutorials. There are also YouTube channels that cover APQS systems and Quilt Path for your reference.

If you wish to purchase training classes, there are a variety of APQS educators that provide a range of training opportunities from multi-day online, in-person or a customer approach, just to meet your needs. Navigate to the APQS events page to see what is available through APQS either at the showroom or in your area.

Is it easy to use?

In addition to adding new functions and capabilities to the program, the Quilt Path Design Team has focused on making user interface and usability improvements to Quilt Path in recent releases. We feel that the program is much more intuitive to use with the recent upgrades, and hope you feel the same.

Placing a block is as simple as moving the needle of the sewing head to where you want the corner of the block to be positioned on your quilt and then in Quilt Path tapping on the design corner that you want to be in that position. Quilt Path uses the needle of your longarm as your mouse cursor. It is just that simple.

Recent additions like Power Panto Mode have made pantograph quilting quick and easy. Power Panto Mode keeps your design’s aspect ratio correct while letting you set the size of your design to get the density you want for that specific quilt. There are no worries about your circles remaining circles as you are resizing the design. Once you like what you see, you are ready to quilt your pantograph.

Can I install the software on another computer?

Quilt Path comes preinstalled on a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet. There is also an installation file on a USB flash drive that is in your Quilt Path box. You can install the software on a total of three Windows-based computers at one time. This allows you to work on creating your own digital design in PatternCAD on a laptop while your Tablet is working on quilting the quilt that is currently on your frame.

Can I create my own designs?

PatternCAD is the digitizing software inside the program. It allows you to create your own designs in order to personalize your quilts. Using PatternCad is as easy as bringing a picture into the background of PatternCAD to use as a template for your design, or simply using the table to draw a design directly on the tablet. There is a feature that will let you use the Windows system fonts already installed to create words, numbers or symbols that you can then quilt as a design on your quilt.

It allows you to be completely creative and create unique designs to make your quilts truly special.

Learn more about the APQS Quilt Path.