APQS Quilt Forever Contest Lenni Giveaway

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Meet A Few Winners

Ralph and Deborah of Kentucky

In the summer of 2020, Ralph and Deborah got the surprise of a lifetime when they won a new Lenni. We gave them a call recently to see how they’ve been getting along with their new machine.

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APQS longarm giveaway winner check-in with Shanie

Shanie V. of Washington

Shanie got the surprise of a lifetime when she won a new Millie quilting system from APQS. See how she’s been getting along with her new machine…

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APQS Giveaway Winner Cindy K with Cars Quilt

Cindy K. of Missouri

Cindy K. won a new Millie longarm quilting machine in the spring 2016. We caught up with her to see what’s she’s been up to since the big win.

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Meet Our Quilting Machines

Click on the image below to learn more about our quilting machines and our computerized quilting system, Quilt Path.

Millie Quilting Machine
Millie30 Quilting Machine
Quilting Machine
Lucey Quilting Machine
Lenni Quilting Machine
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