Quilting the Quilt: Speedy binding attachment with your longarm quilting machine

May 10, 2016

Hurry…that baby’s coming whether the quilt is done or not! Is graduation really next weekend? The charity quilt auction is next Wednesday? If you find yourself up against a tight deadline, use this method to quickly attach the binding to your quilt.

For those of us who push quilting deadlines, this timesaving method is just the trick we need to get the binding on a quilt in record time. This method is quick, but perhaps best saved for those quilts where “done” is better than “perfect.”
Since the quilt is stretched on the frame when you add the binding, it’s possible that the edges could ripple once it’s removed. To reduce this tendency, choose quilting designs that spill off the edges of the quilt as a way to stay-stitch the sides. You should also plan ahead, and load the quilt using a “floating method” so that your quilt top rests on the batting and backing instead of being secured to your take-up roller. You can also use your longarm machine to baste all the sides of the quilt before you add the binding.
Follow these easy steps to use your longarm to attach the binding to your quilt …