Quilt pattern: Shuffle Quilt [Free download]

April 19, 2016

The awesome duo of Matt and Bradie Sparrow continues to instruct, impress, influence and inspire quilters across Canada and the globe with their unique approach to longarm quilting and to life. Between raising a large family and running Sparrow Studioz (the home of APQS Canada), the two of them are constantly “on the go.”

Students travel to Sparrow Studioz to rent longarm machines, attend continuing education classes, purchase supplies and to discover more about owning an APQS machine of their own. Squeeze in recitals, school programs, sports and all the other joys and blessings of raising 10 children and it’s amazing that either of them has time to piece a quilt.

But just like any other busy quilter, Bradie has a favorite “go-to” pattern when she needs a quilt in a hurry – and she’s shared it with us. It’s called “Shuffle Quilt” and it is a great solution for using up those layer cakes you have accumulated and would also put a good dent in the scrap pile if that is what you prefer. The finished size of Shuffle is 72” X 75.”

According to Bradie, the original Shuffle Quilt was born out of necessity for a last-minute gift and has been used for that same reason several times since. This most recent version was pieced by Sheila Van Der Linden and will hang in Sparrow Studioz to show off the beautiful automated quilting of the APQS Quilt Path.

They chose a quilting design called “Whisper” from Urban Elementz. The crew was thrilled with how this whimsical design turned out. It seems to dance across the bright beautiful fabrics. For thread they used Glide Magic Mint # 30317 and Cream Magna Glide prewound bobbins.

Bradie added, “Our entire team is falling in love with Quilt Path more and more every day. We really enjoy having the option of choosing a design and have it stitching perfectly in a matter of minutes. Quilt Path has allowed us to expand our quilting services by adding a “Quilt By Mail” program where our customers can choose any pattern they want, trusting it will come out exactly as expected. We are in the quilt finishing business and Quilt Path makes that job a breeze.”

Download FREE Shuffle Quilt pattern

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