Free quilt pattern: 100 Blocks – many quilts

August 28, 2018

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Your imagination will run wild when you see all the astounding quilts that can be created with just a simple half-square triangle block. Brenda Shreve of APQS Oklahoma/Red Barn Quilting has shared this free pattern that is bursting with ideas. In fact, sewing the half-square triangles you need for this project is super simple. The most difficult thing is deciding how you want to set your blocks.

Brenda believes that the half-square triangle is the ‘backbone’ of quilt patterns. To prove it, she has generously shared 40 different layout choices for you to explore—all created with a simple two-color scheme. Each one is unique, and some create secondary designs that play with your senses. Imagine mixing in a third or fourth color and your mind will be blown by the possibilities!

For the stitched samples, Brenda created two different quilts using half-square triangles.

By cutting her original strips larger, she was able to quickly make a bed-size quilt. Her layout created an Ohio Star block in the center, which then radiated out to the corners of the quilt.

The quilt’s size provided ample white space to explore different quilting designs with her APQS Millie and Quilt Path. The Quilt Path automated quilting system comes with over 200 designs—it looks like Brenda had fun using several in her quilt!

On the smaller quilt, a combination of  dense ‘matchstick’ quilting and more open straight line quilting gives the quilt a modern feel. Brenda completed this quilting freehand using an APQS Lenni machine.

You can have fun just making all the patterns Brenda has shared, or get creative and design your own. We’d love to see photos of what you come up with! Happy quilting!

Download free pattern