Free pattern: Fall Forest Floor

November 21, 2023


Take a stroll through our Fall Forest Floor quilt pattern and immerse yourself in the beauty of autumn! This pattern captures the essence of a colorful, crisp fall walk with a unique twist. It creates an illusion of a blanket of leaves on the forest floor, with 3-D leaves scattered on top.

The process includes multiple stages – first, quilt the checkerboard base, followed by raw-edge fusible appliqué, and finally, secure the finished-edge dimensional leaf appliqués.

Pro tip: this pattern is perfect for experimenting with different color distributions.

Free pattern: Fall Forest Floor - full view of the Fall Forest Floor pattern

Quilt dimensions

Finished size: 17 1/2″ x 57 1/2″

Free pattern: Fall Forest Floor - Fall Forest Floor pattern displayed on a bed

Quilting and finishing tips

  • Layer, baste and quilt. The quilt pictured was machine quilted with an allover loopy meander.
  • Secure patches with a machine zigzag stitch and matching thread.
  • Secure with a machine straight stitch and contrasting thread, stitching lines that resemble leaf veins on each dimensional appliqué.
  • Bind the quilt.

Free pattern: Fall Forest Floor - 3-D leaves

Need some inspiration for quilting designs? Two great options options for this pattern are the Fried Egg Filler and the Hooked Feather Filler.

The Fall Forest Floor quilt pictured above was designed and machine quilted by Abigail Dolinger.

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