Favorite quilty things

February 10, 2015

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Everyone has their own favorite quilty things that make the creative process easier. Over the years new gadgets and goodies are discovered that make us fall in love with quilting all over again. We all have our favorites but in today’s blog post we’re sharing a few of the best quilting notions we enjoy.

APQS longarm quilting machines are known for how well they run different kinds of threads. Many of the world’s leading art quilters turn to APQS because they know the tension will be perfect no matter what threads they want to run. It is hard to pick a favorite thread because each quilt may require a different thickness, fiber or sheen for the thread used on the top.

One of our favorite threads, though, is Glide. It is a 40 wt polyester thread that has a bit of a sheen to it. We love Glide because it is low lint, is consistently wound and runs like butter through our machines. Plus, there are certain colors of Glide that read just like a metallic thread but it doesn’t need to be coddled. It runs beautifully and it comes in a wide range of colors at a great price. You can find Glide in our online shop.

The other thread we love that looks great on quits where you do not want a thread with a sheen is So Fine. This thread is a super skinny 50 wt poly with a matte finish. It reads like a fine cotton thread on your quilt but with little to no lint. It is a great thread for dense quilting too as it sits down in the fibers of the fabric and is forgiving to any wobbles or bobbles you may have in your stitching line.

Along with the top thread mentioned above, we love using pre-wound bobbins in our machines. It certainly isn’t necessary to buy pre wounds as you can always wind your own bobbins when using our machines. The reason we love pre-wound bobbins is simply speed and yardage. Since the bobbins are wound at the factory they are able to get more yardage on the bobbins than is possible when you wind your own. Plus, since there is no need to stop and wind the bobbins, you can get right to the fun part of quilting- the stitching. Using pre-wound bobbins will speed you up so you can focus on what you love and we would guess that isn’t winding bobbins!

Other items we love include long handled batting shears. These specially made shears have a blunt tip so you can cut through batting without poking a hole with the tip of your scissors. Plus, since the handles are bent, it is easier on your hands to get the needed torque to cut through batting without taking a toll on your wrists. If you struggle with arthritis, you would enjoy the ease with which you can cut through batting using these specialized shears.

longarm quilting, APQS, longarm notions, longarm tools, quilting notions, APQS

Finally, education is a key component to enjoying your quilting journey. There are some incredible classes and events all over the country that are wonderful ways to grow your skills. You’ll find many of the upcoming classes over on our online calendar. Sometimes, though, it can be difficult to travel to the classes. For that reason APQS has been committed to adding to our online educational YouTube channel videos so you can watch quick lessons to give you the confidence to stitch your dreams.

You might also like having a more in depth class on specialized topics like how to load a quilt on a frame, how to use pantographs, creating custom quilting motifs from your own handwriting style, how to use rulers, how to use stencils, and even how to stitch feathers in the easiest way possible. If those extended topics sound interesting to you then you’ll love the new DVD series from Angela Huffman. It is like having your own private lessons right in your own home.

There are so many amazing products out there that will help you accomplish things easier and faster. One of the best places to find out about products you might enjoy is our APQS online forum. There is a thriving group of quilters who hang out in our forums and love to swap information about what quilty things they love in their studios. Are you looking at purchasing a specific item or are you looking for opinions about a gadget you’ve got your eye on? Head over to the forum and start a conversation. You’ll love all the things you can learn from our fantastic community of longarm quilters!

We’d love to hear from you. What are your favorite quilty things? Post a comment below or join the conversation on our Facebook page or in the forums!