APQS Video Tutorial: Paisley BorderAPQS Video Tutorial: Paisley Border - November 17, 2015
The paisley is a common design that has stood the test of time.

APQS Video Tutorial: How to attach binding using a longarm quilting machineAPQS Video Tutorial: How to attach binding using a longarm quilting machine - October 27, 2015
Discover how to quickly add the binding to your longarm quilting project while it is still on the frame.

APQS Video Tutorial: Comma Puff BorderAPQS Video Tutorial: Comma Puff Border - October 20, 2015
This border and corner design is perfect for quilters who are new to longarm quilting and are looking for a custom quilting design.

APQS Video Tutorial: Groovy Buds FillerAPQS Video Tutorial: Groovy Buds Filler - September 29, 2015
The Groovy Buds filler is great for pre-teen or teen girl quilts. Learn how in the newest APQS Video Tutorial

APQS Video Tutorial: Penguin CurlAPQS Video Tutorial: Penguin Curl - August 18, 2015
In this Video Tutorial APQS Dealer and Educator Angela Huffman shares a border design that's a little more formal. It's got a fun name: Penguin Curl.

APQS Video Tutorial: Curl and KickAPQS Video Tutorial: Curl and Kick - July 28, 2015
In this video, Angela Huffman, APQS Dealer and Educator shares a modern border or sashing design we call the "Curl and Kick."

APQS Video Tutorial: Swirls on a stringAPQS Video Tutorial: Swirls on a string - June 2, 2015
With this background filler design we're breaking all the rules.

APQS Video Tutorial: Variations on Daisy FillersAPQS Video Tutorial: Variations on Daisy Fillers - March 31, 2015
The Daisy Meander is a pretty, sweet and forgiving simple filler design.

APQS Video Tutorial: Meander with Hearts and LeavesAPQS Video Tutorial: Meander with Hearts and Leaves - February 24, 2015
The meander is great for romantic quilts, like wedding quilts.

APQS Video Tutorial: Flame MeanderAPQS Video Tutorial: Flame Meander - January 6, 2015
This longarm quilting design is more masculine in nature and could easily be an all over edge-to-edge design.

APQS Tutorial: Abstract Tulip BorderAPQS Tutorial: Abstract Tulip Border - January 29, 2013
Breaking down a border into quadrants can help give needed references points to make custom quilting much easier. This abstract tulip border can be altered a number of different ways and will serve you well.

APQS Tutorial: Custom Flying Geese BorderAPQS Tutorial: Custom Flying Geese Border - January 8, 2013
Sometimes it can be difficult to find the continuous path of certain pieced border designs. Here is a great way to tackle a flying geese border.

APQS Tutorial: Pebbles and Marbles FillerAPQS Tutorial: Pebbles and Marbles Filler - December 3, 2012
Sometimes combining two simple shapes can give a basic filler design a whole new look.