Ten great uses for batting scraps

November 16, 2021

We all love scraps but using up your batting scraps can be tricky. Here are ten great uses for batting scraps!

1. Smaller projects

While batting pieces can easily be seamed together to make a larger piece for your quilting projects, you can also use smaller pieces for all kinds of things. We love using them for mug rugs, table runners, casserole cozy carriers, project bags, totes, and quilted purses. Scraps are also great for quilt as you go projects, too.

2. Pillow stuffing

Instead of buying a pillow form for your next home décor project, stuff your pillow cover with scraps of batting instead. It will fill out the pillow nicely and no one will know the difference!

3. Project Design Boards

Of course, a large design wall in your sewing space is incredibly helpful. But smaller project boards to lay out your blocks for piecing right next to your sewing machine keep everything organized as you sew! Cover some chip board from the hardware store with scrap batting and use duct tape to secure to the back. Lay it down onto the wrong side of your favorite fabric and trim the fabric so you can pull it to the front. Using your iron, fold under the outside edge of the fabric. Use 1/4” fusible web tape to secure the turned edge of the fabric to the batting covered front side of the chip board. Fuse in place with a hot iron and get your pieces organized.

4. Packing Material

Storing some holiday dishes away for the season? Nestle them with batting scraps to protect and cushion them as they are stored.

5. Bread Basket Warmer

Place a square of batting into the bottom of your bread basket and cover with a cloth napkin. The batting will hold the warmth of the bread, keeping it yummy for longer.

6. Dusting

Use a scrap on the end of your dust mop instead of buying expensive refills.

7. Cleaning your APQS longarm machine

batting rubbing against sewing machine to clean

Keeping the dust bunnies at bay is a daily ritual when sewing with your APQS machine. Cut your batting scraps into 3”-4” squares and use them to wipe down your bobbin area, your machine’s frame, your rails and anything else you can think of!

8. Stacking Non-Stick Pans

When storing your non-stick pans in a drawer, layer a scrap of batting between each pan to protect the coating from dings and scratches.

9. Fire Starters

This is for 100% cotton batting without a scrim as we don’t want any polyester for this usage. Stuff the cotton batting into an empty toilet paper roll and pour in a bit of wax from an old candle. Let it dry and place it under your logs to start a cozy winter fire.

10. Thread Nanny

Drape a rectangular piece of batting over your shoulder, and as you snip threads, pat them onto the batting. It will trap your thread tails and the next time you pass by the trash can you can pull them off to deposit them en masse and your thread nanny will be ready to go to work again.