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Round and Round with Circle Designs Student downloads

By Angela Huffman
Photos by Kelsey Williams

We hope you enjoyed the September/October “Rule Your Quilt” article in Quiltmaker magazine! Circle rulers offer so many options for block designs, borders, and corners. You can find circle rulers in our APQS online store. I always find it a good idea to draw out the designs with rulers on paper first so I fully understand how to use them with my machine. Play with circle rulers and discover how many wonderful designs you can create!

The Center Circle Medallion

In the article we looked at border designs you can create with circle rulers but they can also be used for some nice block designs too. The center circle medallion was created with circle rulers (see below).

Center Circle Medallion

Add a Little Free Motion Stipple

As you can see, I decided to add a little free motion stipple where the circle cross over each other to dress the block up a bit. It is simple but effective (see below).

Medallion Quilt Topper

Making a Few Registration Lines

To make a medallion design with the circle rulers you’ll need to make a few registration lines. See the illustration below or click the button to download.

Download Worksheet

Medallions Illustrations


Corners always present a few challenges when doing a border so I recommend starting with the corner designs first. You can mark them or stitch them but make sure you have a plan for the corners if you want to wrap your border design around each corner. Take a look at the illustration below or click the button below to download the worksheet of the illustrations. You can see many of the ways you could use circles in a corner! Amazing, right?

Download Worksheet

Corner Design Illustrations

Don’t miss our next article on using machine quilting rulers in the upcoming edition of QuiltMaker magazine.