Elizabeth Persinger

Contact Information

Elizabeth Persinger
2745 Washington Road
Omaha, IL 62871


Available Services

Machine Rentals


By Appointment

Machines Available

Millie 30

Accessories Available

Automatic Quilt Advance
Quilt Glide Stitch Mode
Bliss Track System
Quilt Path Computerized Quilting System

Rental Information

Millie 30 rental
- $20 per hour
- $100 full-day rental/6 hours + 1 hour free
- Longarm Rental Certification Class is required for 4 hours @ $130.00. Zippers for loading the quilt back are included.
- 50% deposit is required for 2-hour thru 6-hour rentals

Rental includes:
1. Quilting thread (solids and variegated).
2. Paper pantographs or freehand guided.
3. Bliss system that provides stitch regulation.
4. Professional assistance as needed.

Rental availability is by reservation only.


Beginner's Classes - will schedule upon request