Gray Horse Quilt Shop

Contact Information

Darcy Boldt
48831 133rd Ave
Hewitt, MN 56453

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Monday - Friday 9:00am-5:00pm
Saturday 10:00am-3:00pm

Machines Available


Accessories Available

Automatic Quilt Advance
Quilt Glide Stitch Mode
Bliss Track System
Quilt Path Computerized Quilting System

Rental Information

With each rental you get:
▪ Free thread to use during your rental time.
▪ Your choice of patterns (easy-medium-hard) or you can drive the machine freehand for edge to edge or custom quilting.
▪ State of the art APQS quilting machine with bliss drive, pristine stitch regulator and easy to use controls. It´s like renting a Rolls Royce!
▪ Guidance through every step of the way!

Renting by the hour:
▪ As a certified renter you will be able to rent the APQS longarm quilting machine starting at $20/hour.
▪ There is a 2-hour minimum on rental time.

How to get certified:
▪ Take the Beginner Longarm Quilting Class to learn how to use the longarm quilting machine.
▪ In this class we will cover the basics on how to quilt your quilt. You will walk away with confidence as a Longarm quilter and you´ll be eligible to rent the machine in our shop by the hour