Quilt pattern: Gene Yes! [Free download]

February 9, 2016

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Just northwest of Dallas lives a petite blonde dynamo whose heart is as big as her home state of Texas. APQS Store owner Connie Keller packs a lot of love and sugar into everything she does. Her passion for quilting and her love of people have combined to help her create a warm, welcoming place where quilters from all over Texas come to rent time on an APQS machine or to purchase their own APQS quilting machines for themselves.

Once you meet her, you quickly see why a proper hug is first on the agenda before getting down to business! Connie’s caring and nurturing heart extends to everyone she encounters … from new quilters just starting their quilting journey to seasoned industry professionals. After all, that’s how it is with quilters—we become one big quilt-happy family!

The touching story of the quilt pattern that Connie is sharing with us today is about another quilting family member named Gene Stewart, a long-time Moda Fabrics representative who came by Quilt Country (the quilt shop where Connie shares space) for more than 18 years.

“Gene was a great guy who was always there to help you,” said Connie. “He always cared about you as a person and your success; it was never just about money or selling you fabric. Gene was one of my biggest cheerleaders—he would share my story about my business and APQS machines with others he met along the way, and I’m sure many of those same people eventually came and rented time on our machines or bought one of their own.”

About three years ago Gene became ill and his appointed rounds to regional quilt shops became much more difficult. After much doctoring and testing, Gene was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. The illness made it hard for him to continue his visits to quilt shops.

“When I heard about Gene’s battle with his illness, I just knew I had to make him a quilt,” said Connie. “He cared deeply about all of the quilters he met along his journey around the country. We didn’t want him to take on this new journey without knowing how much we cared for him and loved him in return. Making him a quilt just seemed like the right way to tell him that.”

Connie designed Gene’s original quilt in greens and beiges, and presented it to him early last year. Sadly, Gene passed away right before Christmas last year. Connie decided to make the quit again using the blue colors you see in her pattern. Her quilt won first place at the Dallas Quilt Show and a Teacher’s Choice ribbon at HMQS in Salt Lake City last year.

“I made this quilt to honor a friend who meant a lot to me through the years, so I hope that others will use the pattern to make a quilt and wrap someone they care about in love,” said Connie.

To find out more about renting an APQS machine from Connie or buying your own longarm to make a quilt for someone you love, or about Connie’s patterns visit the APQS Texas website or stop by Quilt Country, the fabulous quilt shop located in Lewisville in which APQS Texas is located. Connie would love to share a little quilting love with you!

Download the FREE Gene Yes! quilting pattern