Must-have tools for new longarm quilters

November 7, 2023

Longarm quilting is an exciting world filled with creativity. Having the right tools can make the journey even more enjoyable. Let’s explore some handy tools and accessories that bring fun and precision to your quilting adventures.

Extended base: more space, more creativity

The extended base is like a magic carpet for your longarm—it expands the base, giving you a larger canvas to work on. Perfect for using rulers, it’s a versatile tool for crafting intricate and detailed designs.

Must-have tools for new longarm quilters - expanded base

Quarter-inch acrylic longarm ruler: your precision sidekick

Meet the quarter-inch acrylic ruler—your secret weapon for creating straight lines, sharp angles and detailed designs. With this buddy by your side, you can level up your quilting precision.

Must-have tools for new longarm quilters - longarm ruler

Foot kit: the feet that dance to different beats

Your longarm can groove with different feet for different tasks. APQS offers a foot kit with multiple foot options, providing flexibility for various quilting techniques. From the true ¼” foot to the open-toe ruler foot and more, it’s like a shoe collection for your machine!

Tension gauge: keeping stitches happy

The tension gauge is like a peacekeeper for your stitches, ensuring that thread tension is just right. Say goodbye to wonky stitches with this handy tool in your kit.

Must-have tools for new longarm quilters - tension gauge

Pantograph patterns and stencils: design assistants

Pantograph patterns on paper or digitally are your design buddies. They take away the guessing game, making quilting a breeze. Stencils? They’re like the guiding stars for your creative universe, helping you make consistent and stunning patterns on your quilt.

Must-have tools for new longarm quilters - stencil

Longarm bobbins: big shots in bobbin town

Longarm machines have a thing for bobbins, and you better keep them in good supply. APQS aluminum bobbins will help you quilt tension-free. It is also great to have a selection of pre-wound bobbins like Magna-Glide delights or DecoBobs so that you can complete quilts quickly without having to stop to wind more bobbins.

Thread stand: move your thread cones closer to your needle

Thread stands keep the peace between your threads and your machine, preventing any tangled drama. Whether it’s a horizontal thread stand or a vertical one, they’re the unsung heroes of your quilting setup. As an added plus, both of the APQS and optional thread stand move your thread closer to the needle so you don’t have to walk around to the back to change your thread color.

Marking tools: creating guidelines for quilting

Let’s talk about fun stuff like chalk pads, air-erase markers and water-erase markers. These are your doodling tools for planning out your quilt designs. Play around on practice cloth and erase away any worries about leaving marks on your final masterpiece.

Must-have tools for new longarm quilters - marking tools
Longarm quilting just got a whole lot more fun with these nifty tools. They’re not just for precision; they’re here to make your quilting journey a blast!