Meet the family: Get to know APQS longarm quilting machines

June 22, 2021

At APQS we make long arm quilting machines for all kinds of quilters and all kinds of uses. Which one is the best fit for your needs? Let’s get to know all the members of our machine family.

The APQS Millie – the machine of your dreams

Millie Quilting Machine

The Millie longarm machine has it all in perfect balance. She was designed for a quilter who values the top-of-the-line features that make quilting easier. Millie is especially popular with those who quilt for others (or dream of doing so) because of her large 26” throat and pristine stitch quality. Couple that with the best stitch regulator on the market and you have the perfect long arm machine with incredibly simple tension controls.

Millie owners choose her because they want the best of the best and know that she will exceed their expectations for years and years to come. The Millie comes with one-touch, electronic channel locks so you can lock out the wheels for straight line stitching and easy alignment. Top thread break detection and a low bobbin indicator. Millie also comes with a bobbin thread cutter so you can let her worry about those little details. Her handles allow you to easily maneuver the machine across your quilt top while making any adjustments to her settings with the simple touch pad interface. The APQS Millie will give you a lifetime of quilting enjoyment combined with all the features a discerning quilter would want.

The APQS Millie30 – a bigger throat giving you the maximum stitching space

Millie30 with QuiltPath

This machine is very popular with all kinds of quilters but it is especially popular with our computerized quilters due to her large 30” throat. You’ll love how the extra-large sewing space gives the maximum stitching space that can be reached by the needle. Imagine setting up the computer to stitch and grabbing some coffee while it works away! Of course, the Millie30 comes with all of the amazing features found in the Millie- just with a bigger throat space and some pretty amazing articulating front handles.

APQS Freddie – agile and streamlined

Gallery: Freddie Quilting Machine - Photo of Left side of quilting machine

The Freddie weighs just a bit less than the Millie and that lighter weight makes Freddie very popular with art quilters and those who quilt for competition. These quilters love to densely quilt areas and enjoy using small, intricate filler designs. His lighter weight helps give maximum control when quilting these types of designs. Freddie does not have two features you’ll find in the Millie; electronic channel locks and a bobbin thread cutter. What he does have is the same incredible APQS stitch regulator and the ability to float over the table with fingertip touch just like the Millie. Plus, Freddie comes with a top thread break detector and low bobbin indicator just like his big sister, Millie. The APQS Freddie has fans all over the world who rely on his stitch quality for their blue ribbons. We invite you to get to know Freddie. You may have just found your new best friend.

APQS Lucey- the versatile big sister who knows how to get it done

Gallery: Lucey Quilting Machine - Hero show of longarm quilting machine

Lucey is a step up from our entry-level Lenni machine and her 26” throat allows the needle to cover more ground with each pass when compared to Lenni. She has the same legendary stitch regulator and needle speed that you’ll find in the bigger machines. She is just a bit more modest about it. Lucey comes with the standard table but she can also be upgraded to our deluxe table when ordering. If you are looking for a versatile machine at a great value. Schedule some time to get to know Lucey. You’ll enjoy stitching with her just as much as we do.

APQS Lenni – sweet and simple

Gallery: Lenni Quilting Machine - Photo of Left side of Quilting Machine

We love our little Lenni for so many reasons. With his 22” throat he is the perfect entry-level machine and is very popular with the home hobbyist who is an occasional quilter but who still wants the industry-leading APQS Lifetime Warranty and legendary stitch regulator. Our Lenni owners know it will take them a bit longer to finish their quilts due to his smaller stitching space with that 22” throat. But they love how simple he is and how easily they can quilt their tops. Lenni is a great little guy who has so much goodness packed into everything he does. We know you’ll be impressed with him too.

APQS Quilt Path – the perfect companion to any APQS machine

Adding the Quilt Path computerized quilting system to any of the APQS machines above it simple and offers a whole new level of creativity. Design your own patterns or pick one of the over 800 designs that come included. Looking for traditional feathers or modern textures? Quilt Path has it all baked in and you’ll enjoy how impressive your quilt tops will look with a bit of computer stitching added.