Get creative with your fabric stash

December 23, 2013

fabric stashIf you are truly a “quilter” you have a fabric stash. The size of the stash seems to grow in direct proportion to the amount of space you have to fill in your studio. Once you reach your limit on available shelving, it’s time to get creative. Some quilters take the word “creative” to a new extreme when it comes to storage – filling their freezers full of containers labeled “spinach” (which is code for dark green fabric).

Despite the need to occasionally disguise the amount of fabric you have in your possession, you should keep in mind that fabric needs to be protected from excessive light (natural and indoor), dampness, and dust. Stackable plastic storage boxes keep fabric neat and tidy, and clear types allow you to see what is inside. Under-the-bed storage boxes take advantage of unused space and can handle everything from UFO projects to large quantities of backing fabric.

To store bags of batting or more fabric, look at the shelf above your clothing in your closet. Many homes have only one shelf there, but you’ll find another 2-3 feet of storage space above the shelf. Installnarrower shelves above the primary shelf so that you can still access everything above it, but turn your boxes sideways to fit on the shelf.

If you like to work from open shelves because of the color and inspiration you get, protect that fabric from direct light by installing a roller shade above the top shelf, directly to the unit. To make this roller shade even more versatile, consider making your own roller shade with flannel and having an instant “design wall” that you can roll up and out of the way. Look for a product called “Fuse a Shade” at your local fabric store. You simply iron the fabric (flannel) to the shade material, trim it and attach it to the roller. Voila! Instant design wall!