Free quilt pattern: Knights and Ladies

September 26, 2017

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Nearly every quilter starts out making quilts for family members. However, as APQS dealer Julia Graves points out, it helps to count how many family members you actually have first! Julia began her quilting journey by making twin-sized quilts for each of her nieces and nephews—all 35 of them! After doing the first few, she quickly decided that she needed a longarm quilting machine.

Julia started her own quilting business in 2007, calling it “Special Occasion Quilts.” With the help of her APQS longarm machine, she was able to tackle all of the quilts over the course of three years, and since then she’s never looked back. She now quilts for others, making commission quilts, teaching longarm classes, speaking at guilds, creating art quilts, and making a LOT of charity quilts, including the one featured in this pattern, Knights and Ladies.

Knights and Ladies is a great pattern to show off your large-scale prints or any specialty print – whether it’s superheroes or giraffes and elephants. Julia used a great print that featured scenes from King Arthur, along with a Jinny Beyer border print that conveyed a medieval feeling. Since she makes so many quilts for charity, Julia wanted a simple pattern that required very little cutting and piecing, yet allowed her to focus on fabric elements that children would love.

Her sample quilt has block sizes that match the fabric repeats and the amount of fabric she had on hand, but the actual pattern blocks have been standardized to make piecing a breeze. Of course, you can change the block sizes to fit your fabric repeats.

Julie used polyester batting and So Fine thread to help add dimension and bring King Arthur to life.

Download free pattern