Our favorite pantograph patterns

June 7, 2022

What’s your favorite pantograph pattern? We asked APQS owners across the country and they were excited to answer. In fact, we got so many responses that we had to slim down the responses into several categories and provided links for additional honorable mentions.

APQS’ Quilt Path system is fabulous at stitching out edge-to-edge designs and comes with 750 quilt-ready patterns, many of which are destined to become favorites! It also accepts a wide variety of pattern file types so you can use designs from hundreds of different designers like those mentioned below.

Drum roll please … here are the favorites!

Quick, easy and great for beginners

Malachite by Patricia Ritter

Knit 1 Purl 2 by Natalie Gorman

Popcorn large by Jodi Beamish

Honorable mentions

Dragon’s Breath by Hermione Agee

Bora Bora by Natalie Gorman

Easy peasy by Hermione Agee

Curves and curls

Ripples by Hermione Agee

Espresso by Patricia Ritter

Duet by Natalie Gorman

Honorable mentions

Pipeline by Patricia Ritter

Wood Grain by Jessica Schick

Whisper by Christy Dillon

Bossa Nova by Natalie Gorman

Geometric and wonderful for guys

Bauhaus by Patricia E. Ritter

Wasabi by Patricia Ritter

Time Warp by Patricia Ritter

Honorable mentions  

Diagonal Plaid by Patricia Ritter

Cool Beans by Apricot Moon Designs,

Calder by Natalie Gorman


P.S. I Love you by Patricia E. Ritter

Art Heart by Hermione Agee

Whole Lotta Love by Patricia E. Ritter

Honorable mention

Heart Strings by Willow Leaf Studio


Nemesh’s Feather by Bethanne Nemesh

Fantasia by Hermione Agee

Mystic by Patricia Ritter

Honorable mentions

Whisper by Melanie J. Caldwell

Chartreuse by Patricia Ritter

Moulin Rouge by Patricia E Ritter

Parfait Patricia Ritter


Birds and Flowers by The Quilter’s Quilter

Dave’s Falling Leaves by Dave Hudson

Wandering Daisies by Sharon Spingler

Honorable mentions

Gothic Vine by Willow Leaf Curly Twirly Flowers by Wildflower Quilting

Echeveria by Hermione Agee

Maple Syrup by Jodi Beamish

Alfresco by Hermoine Agee

Siberian Iris by Patricia Ritter

Azaleas by Patricia Ritter


Star Streamers  by Barbara Becker

Celebrate by Patricia Ritter

Midnight Sparkle by Kristin Hoftyzer

Honorable mentions

Stars and Loops by Linda Taylor

Winter Wonderland 2 by Patricia Ritter


Nearly all patterns come in both paper and digital format, but some are much more suited to a computerized system due to the tight density, backtracking or continuous lines with nowhere to pause.

Modern Curves by Anita Shackleford

Waves and Pearls by Wasatch Quilting

Sea of Stars by Christy Dillon

Honorable mentions

Golden Curls by Apricot Moon Designs

Fast Feathers by Christy Dillon

Curly by Christy Dillon

West Wind series by Christy Dillon