Thank you for your interest in joining the APQS dealer team

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    If you have a passion for longarm quilting and are interested in taking the next step we would love to speak with you more about the specific details and requirements for becoming an APQS dealer.

    What it’s like to be an APQS dealer?

    We all take great pride in our customer service and in the machines we build and sell. We are the only longarm manufacturer to back our machines by a lifetime warranty that includes parts and labor. We handle the majority of customer service questions through our in-house service department at our factory in Iowa. However, many of our reps also take service training courses so that they can also assist with customer service and machine maintenance or repair.

    Customer education is a top priority, so we offer beginner training to all new customers as part of their longarm purchase. Many new machine owners attend beginner classes at our training center in Carroll, IA but many more choose to take a beginner class with their local rep. Every APQS Representative is expected to teach the basic beginner class using standardized APQS curriculum that we provide. Representatives are compensated for each Beginner class they teach.

    Commissions are paid based on machines sold. Some of our reps focus on sales, some on training and some on repair. All reps are expected to provide all three services, but the focus and extent varies depending on the individual dealer. We do not have sales quotas and don’t expect our reps to inventory machines or accessories. All longarms are shipped directly from our factory.

    Please fill out the form to provide us with a little more information about yourself.