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Building Borders with Simple Arcs Student downloads


It sometimes amazes me how many designs can be executed just with one simple arc ruler. Simple variations in just the height and width can make it look different each time. If you haven’t played with an arc ruler I highly recommend it!

Pumpkin Seed Stitch Out on Lenni Quilting Machine
Pumpkin Seeds from an Arc Border Design
Pumpkin Seed Border Design

Pumpkin Seed Border

In the original article, we worked with a simple single arch in a border and an echoed arch. Take a look at how repeating the arc upside down will create a pumpkin seed design. This is a nice design that will grow with you over time and will challenge you to hold the ruler in different ways. It is a very traditional design with plenty of empty space you’ll enjoy filling with your favorite free motion design.

Download Pumpkin Seed Border

Lenni with Arc Ruler
Arches with Curved Crosshatching Border Design
Pumpkin Seed Curved Cross Hatch Border Design

Arches with Curved Crosshatching

The humble Pumpkin Seed border can also become quite a fancy border by using the bottom half of the seeds as the first arc of curved crosshatching. First, create the pumpkin seed border design as shown above. Then, head back down the border echoing the curve of each seed using the arc ruler to create curved crosshatching. I like to just do a couple echoes on each side of the seed to give a more open curved crosshatch look.

Download Curved Crosshatch

Curved Ruler with Lenni Quilting Machine
Feathered Arch Border Design

Feathered Arc Border

If you enjoy feathers, you could also stitch out the basic arch design as shown in the original article but fill each of the delicate arches with formal feathers. This is beautiful on a traditional quilt and will add such beauty to your quilt top!

Have fun with arched rulers and see what designs you can come up with as you play with spacing and fillers!

Curved Ruler with Lenni Quilting Machine