Free quilt pattern: Strudel

June 8, 2021


Have you got bits and pieces of fabric too small to use in a big way, but too big to throw away? APQS Dealer Mavis Reynolds has the perfect quilt “Strudel Quilt” pattern to whittle that pile down! Not only is it a super easy pattern that’s just right for beginner quilters, it’s also jelly roll and fat quarter friendly. Hmmm…jelly rolls, strudel, this quilt is yummy!

Scrappy quilts are a favorite for Mavis, and she really loves using leftover pieces from previous projects to create new ones. As she puts it, it’s sort of like the sourdough bread principle! Such was the case with this Strudel Quilt. The center goodies (apple strudel is her personal favorite) came from leftover triple rail units that she cut into 2 ½” wide, three-piece rectangles as her starting point. From there she ‘wrapped’ them in white to set them off.

With the colored accent squares surrounded by white, the next step was to wrap up her ‘apples’ with delicious pastry—and her Kaffe Fassett stash provided just the right bite!

These blocks were the result—colorful and vibrant!

To create more interest and add a bit of spice to her quilt, Mavis decided to offset each block with one final piece of white on the bottom. She played with the layout until she was happy.

She chose to quilt the project using her APQS Millie and Quilt Path with an overall pattern called “Audrey III” from Wasatch Quilting.

Based on the mouth-watering images she created with this Strudel Quilt, the best part of making it is that it’s calorie free! Don’t worry if you don’t have your own “starter” strip sets for the center. Cut your scraps into 2 ½” squares and you’ll be ready to go.

Though she was hooked on quilting more than 27 years ago, Mavis has only been a longarm quilter for 5 years. Mavis fell in love with an APQS Millie and Quilt Path and the lifetime warranty. What started as a side hustle quilting for others to prepare for her retirement became a fulltime business by 2018 and she hasn’t looked back. She became a dealer for APQS shortly thereafter and resides on Vancouver Island, British Columbia with her husband, son and two Jack Russell terriers. In addition to being a talented pattern designer and quilter for her business called Dayspring Quilt Company, I’ll bet Mavis also makes a mean apple strudel!