Quilting Artists

JoAnn Hoffman

JoAnn was an embroiderer for 20 years and created corporate logos for companies like Sea World, Mirage Hotel, Coca-Cola, and Robert Wyland, the environmental artist. She stumbled across quilting when she moved from California to Hill City, South Dakota and joined a quilt guild to make friends.

After she made her first quilt she shopped around for a longarm quilter who could help her finish the quilt. When she was informed it would take nearly three months just to have someone start working on it, she recognized a business opportunity. She has since built a successful quilting studio and dealership in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

JoAnn, an award-winning quilter, also teaches longarm classes out of her studio and provides guidance on how to use different software programs to digitize designs for computerized quilting and how to use IntelliQuilter on APQS machines.

For more information, visit JoAnn’s web site, www.compuquilterdesigns.com/.