Current Pricing

Pricing current as of May 31, 2016 @ 12:45pm CST

Parts & Notions

NamePrice (USD)
APQS Quilting Apron$14.99
Aluminum Bobbin -- Style "L"$0.90
Aluminum Bobbin -- Style "M"$3.00
Axle Cam$7.25
Axle Grommet - Vertical Wheel Machines$3.00
Bobbin Case -- Style "L"$11.95
Bobbin Case -- Style "M"$54.00
Bobbin Case Brake Spring -- Style "L"$2.25
Bobbin Case Brake Spring -- Style "M"$2.65
Bobbin Winder Grommet - Board Mounted Winders$0.60
Bobbin Winder Motor - Board Mounted Winder$26.50
Bobbin Winder Switch Enclosure (On-board Winders)$1.80
Bobbin Winder Thread Guide - On Board Winders$6.00
Bobbin Winder Tubing (3-inch section)$1.80
Bobbin Winder- Old style 'O' Ring (Large)$2.40
Brake Knob - Lenni Table$5.40
Brake Knob Bumper - Lenni Table$7.75
Brake Mounting Bracket - Lenni Table$8.40
Bushings - Needle Bar$4.20
Cam Washer$0.12
Canvas - Lenni or Lucey Table$38.00
Canvas - Millennium or Freedom Table$40.00
Canvas - Wood Tables$38.00
Channel Lock - Old Style$11.50
Cover Screws -- R-5$0.30
Cover Screws -- R-7$0.30
Cover Screws -- R-9$0.30
Cover Spacer$0.30
Crydom Relay$118.00
Emery Cord - Mitchell's $18.00
Encoder Wheel$23.50
Eye Loupe$9.95
Fluorescent Light Bulb$9.95
Fluorescent Light Bulb Socket$4.20
Fluorescent Light Bulb Starter$3.60
Fluorescent Light Bulb Starter Socket$4.20
Fluorescent Light Switch$6.00
Foam Handle Grip - Ergonomic Handles$2.40
Fuse - CE Turbo Bobbin Winder - .5 amp$1.30
Fuse - Motorized Fabric Advance - 1.5 amp$1.50
Fuse - Turbo Bobbin Winder - 1 amp$1.40
Fuse -- 2 amp CSA Motor for Lenni/George$1.50
Fuse -- 3.15 amp$1.80
Fuse -- 3.15 amp CSA Motor Fuse for Millie/Freddie/Lucey$1.80
Fuse -- 6.3 amp$2.56
Fuse -- Power Supply -- 2 amp$1.50
Gearbox Cap$6.00
Gearbox Grease (4-ounce pkg.)$3.00
Glide - Table Leg$3.50
Hand Wheel for Rollers$24.00
Handle Switch Rubber Grip$2.40
Hook Assembly -- Style "L"$89.95
Hook Assembly -- Style "M"$215.00
Hook Retaining Finger -- Style "L"$15.00
Hook Retaining Finger -- Style "M" $15.00
Laser Battery Power Pack$90.00
Laser Module Assembly$90.00
Laser Patch Cable$6.00
Laser Patch Cable - 3 ft.$16.00
Laser Pointer Mounting Bolt - Long$2.40
Laser Pointer Mounting Bolt - Short$1.00
Laser Transformer Assembly$90.00
Leg Wrench$7.50
M & M Single Wheel -- Drilled & Tapped$35.00
M & M Single Wheel -- Plain$30.00
M & M Wheel Carriage Kit$125.00
M & M Wheel Sewing Head Kit$125.00
Machine Oil$3.50
Metal Bobbin -- Style "L"$0.75
Metal Bobbin -- Style "M"$3.00
Motor - EZQ Machine$180.00
Motor - Lenni, Liberty, Discovery, George$300.00
Motor - Millennium & Freedom SR$300.00
Motor - Ultimate I & Ultimate XX$270.00
Motor - Ultimate II, Some Ultimate I$150.00
Motor Belt - EZQ$10.75
Motor Belt - Ultimate 2$20.00
Motor Belt - Ultimate I & Ultimate XX Machines$12.00
Motor Brushes - CE Machines$14.40
Motor Brushes - Standard $14.40
Motor Brushes - Ultimate I***$14.40
Motor Brushes - Ultimate II$14.40
Needle Bar$40.75
Needle Bar Set Screw$0.60
Needle Bar and Bushing Replacement Kit$70.00
Needle Plate$24.00
Needles -- MR 3.5 (10-pack)$4.95
Needles -- MR 4.0 (10-pack)$4.95
Needles -- MR 4.5 (10-pack)$4.95
Pattern or Pantograph Cover$16.50
Pony Clamp Buckle$1.80
Pony Clamp Buckle Mounting Tape-Loop Section$1.13
Pony Clamp Buckle Mounting Velcro-Hook Section$0.72
Pony Clamp with Elastic$6.00
Rocker Assembly$86.50
Rocker Switch Assembly - LW$10.20
Roller Brake - Lenni or Lucey$49.95
Roller Brake - Millennium or Freedom$59.95
Screw - Lower Pigtail Thread Guide$0.30
Screw - Needle Plate (machines with a thread cutter)$0.60
Screw - Needle Plate (machines without a thread cutter)$0.30
Screw - Star Washer$0.30
Screw - Thread Cutter Blade Adjustment$0.30
Shipping Box with Inserts - Sewing Head$36.00
Shipping Box with Inserts - Sewing Head (Ult. I and Ult. II)$36.00
Speed Control - EZQ, Ultimate II, some Ultimate I machines$54.00
Spider Washer$7.20
Star Washer - Front Handle Ground$0.30
Starter Kit$115.00
Stud Link - Needle Bar$6.00
Switch - On/Off - Freedom/Discovery$18.00
Switch - On/Off - Ultimate I or Ultimate II, no needle positioner$10.20
Switch Screw - On Board Bobbin Winder$0.30
Take Up Lever Assembly$86.50
Tension Control Check Spring$3.00
Tension Control Complete Assembly$22.25
Thread Cutter Blade (order 2 for full replacement)$8.75
Thread Cutter Puller Arm$17.50
Thread Guide -- 3-hole$7.25
Thread Guide -- Bent Wire (rear of machine)$2.40
Thread Guide -- Lower "L-shape" Bent Hook$4.80
Thread Guide -- Pigtail$1.50
Thread Stand Platform Foam$0.85
Towa Bobbin Tension Gauge -- Style "L"$69.95
Towa Bobbin Tension Gauge -- Style "M"$69.95
Turbo Bobbin Winder Tension Grommet$1.20
Velcro Roller Brake Pad$2.00
Vertical Wheel$22.00
Washer - Thick for Needle Plate$0.30
Washer - Thin for Needle Plate$0.30
Wave Washers -- Thread Cutter$0.30
Wiring Harness - CAT-5 to Molex Adapter$18.00
Wiring Harness - Head or Carriage Encoder for Millennium/Freedom$42.00
Wiring Harness - Lenni or Lucey Carriage Encoder$9.75
Wiring Harness - Lenni or Lucey Head Encoder$9.75
Wiring Harness - Millie/FSR Encoder Box$6.00

Optional Accessories

NamePrice (USD)
Clog Foot$100.00
Flip Flop Foot$55.00
Flywheel Cover - Adhesive$15.00
Hartley Base Expander (No Thread Cutter)$120.00
Hartley Base Expander (with Thread cutter)$130.00
Hartley Fence Optional Stencil Set #1Sale! $29.95
Hartley Fence Optional Stencil Set #10Sale! $29.95
Hartley Fence Optional Stencil Set #11Sale! $29.95
Hartley Fence Optional Stencil Set #2Sale! $29.95
Hartley Fence Optional Stencil Set #3Sale! $29.95
Hartley Fence Optional Stencil Set #4Sale! $29.95
Hartley Fence Optional Stencil Set #5Sale! $29.95
Hartley Fence Optional Stencil Set #6Sale! $29.95
Hartley Fence Optional Stencil Set #7Sale! $29.95
Hartley Fence Optional Stencil Set #8Sale! $29.95
Hartley Fence Optional Stencil Set #9Sale! $29.95
Hartley Fence for Deluxe Bliss Tables (Millie/Freddie)$595.00
Hopping Foot$165.00
Horizontal Dual Spool Holder by Hartley Mfg.$50.00
Interchangeable Foot Kit-George $200.00
Interchangeable Foot Kit-Stand Up Machines$200.00
Large 12" Stencil Set For Hartley Fence (Set #2)Sale! $54.95
Large 12" Stencil Set for Hartley Fence (Set #4)Sale! $39.95
Large 12" Stencil Set for Hartley Fence Stencil Adapter (Set #1)Sale! $34.95
Large 12" Stencil Set for Hartley fence (Set #3)Sale! $54.95
Microdrive Handles (Lenni, Discovery, Liberty and Ultimate II Machines) by Hartley Mfg.$199.95
Microdrive Handles (Mill, Lucey, Freedom & Ult I) by Hartley Mfg.$199.95
Peek A Boo Foot$65.00
Perfect Circle Maker by Hartley Mfg.$295.00
Platform Foot$80.00
Ruler - 12-inch Straight Edge$30.00
Ruler - 8-inch Straight Edge$28.00
Ruler - French Curve$24.95
Ruler - Paisley$29.95
Ruler - Scallop$39.95
Ruler - Waves$24.95
Saddle Shoe Foot$100.00
Sneaker Foot$65.00
Stencil Adapter for Hartley Fence (Universal Design)Sale! $49.95
Texas Hold 'em Bracket$59.95
Turbo Bobbin Winder$325.00
Vertical Cone Holder by Hartley Mfg.$59.95